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  1. Username: redwhite&blueman Comment: this is exactly why this country's gone to shit!
  2. the server economy is constantly moaned about never once has there been a productive outcome from one of said moans or discussions please show me otherwise if you disagree
  3. I think there should even be a forced OOC rule on said license. You have to be a legal roleplayer.
  4. @Keta I do believe that copy pasting /me's for initiating shootouts isn't allowed? I mean, it doesn't state so in the rules but people quote it all the time in reports etc? Could any staff member confirm or deny this? To be honest, I think it should be fully allowed to copy paste /me's for initiating shootouts. Not only does it make it just a little more fair, as there's a small window of seconds for someone to react if they're in range of the /me, which is good, because it's hard to roleplay things like senses, peripheral vision, maybe hearing a slide cock back on a gun in the distance, etc, things that would warn you a second ahead of getting shot at that maybe someone's gonna shoot tf outta you. Actually, to take it a step further, I think any form of attack with any weapon should require an initiating /me. I know some players already do this for the sake of roleplay, I know I do at the very least. So i fully support this suggestion.
  5. It'd be a dream come true if every fastfood place had bars....
  6. Not at all what I'm expecting, you're exaggerating as you people usually do. Smh. Sorry mister gangman, didn't know you were sensitive bud.
  7. Server gang conflict escalation: bounces into other gang member at a nightclub in Vinewood "yo wass wrong with chu crackhead" *other gang member immediately walks out, equips gun and waits to rob him outside.* How gang conflict escalation should be: bounces into other gang member at a nightclub in Vinewood, "yo, watch it man" *slight shrug* "my bad." walks off and has a slight dislike for eachother if they recognize eachother in future situations. the problem is unrealistic portrayal, that's all it is players forgetting that their characters are human "oh but what if my char is a psychopath" it doesn't matter, a psychopath wouldn't risk robbing/killing someone over an insult, matter of fact, a psychopath recognizes how little sense that makes in terms of risk/reward even more than a regular person would if you'd like to get into it with me about the mind of a psychopath because of what i said ^^ just hmu
  8. https://soundcloud.com/bluestripzchris/wildin-cashout-ace-x-doughboy-sauce-dir-by-jwillofficial
  9. cracked

    [SOLD] Hellfire

    Please e-mail me with your phone number.
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