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  1. Please add music channel. Music is beautiful, may it be 80s old school hip hop or trash metal. Music connects people and sometimes helps you understand and appreciate a lot of concepts. #music will have spotify or youtube links
  2. I tried it this morning, 5 games, easy as heck! Won my 3rd, 4th and 5th. Definitely a W game though! 😅
  3. Username: 444nojusticenopeace Comment: Now we know SAI's political bias 😆 bad move democrat controlled paper...
  4. RP'ing gtaw money = irl money is a problem and shouldn't be allowed. Acting shocked when a coffee costs 31$ or a sandwich costs 200$ is just PG in another form. Shoplifting should just be banned. Seems to only be used as a tool to instigate fights and or get action for when gang rpers are bored.
  5. We do have a news faction! It's called LSNN. They do news shows that show up in everybody's chat (/joinnews etc) where you can "watch the news" and they report on stuff etc. Also, gtaw has already launched! Very long ago! Scripts are added...! You know this though... Why didn't u edit the thread since you made it on *other server* 😂
  6. Ah, plagiarism? What's going on here... 🤔
  7. Ah, I see you've never visited Gmod HL2RP communities at their peak... if you think gtaw is bad, phew...
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