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  1. I had this for my company purchases in my business discord. I dont see the difference between logging on the drive to view the excel file or get a bot to notify you in your own discord.
  2. Until the driving sync and damages sync is possible we will start doing this. Right now people's cars get damaged too much due to desync and it'd cost tons of money to repair it for every desync. Also the passenger sync is still horrible and your car can look completely f**edup for your passenger.
  3. Facebrowser - Page Verification Requests On Facebrowser, our social media platform, you can create pages to post content on. These pages can be for a specific theme, movement or a business/organisation page. Facebrowser is offering the ability to become a verified page, meaning when people visit your page they know it is the official page of said subject. Request Requirements Your page must not be breaking any of the Facebrowser terms of use. Your page must be active. Your page must be beneficial to society. (E.g. Government organization pages) Request Process Go towards your page, go into the settings menu and you will find a Verification menu option. Fill out the reason why you wish to become a verified page. A Facebrowser moderator will handle the request and approve or decline it.
  4. We're not going through all models to hard code this. Also your format is wrong
  5. Exactly thats what I do. I don't see the need for it either but ah well
  6. lmao "gov" is already taken and also 300+ euros
  7. 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 LSCGOV.net is only available 🤷‍♂️ lspd.gta.world -> lspd.lscgov.net lsfd.gta.world -> lsfd.lscgov.net lssd.gta.world -> lssd.lscgov.net fld.gta.world -> fld.lscgov.net But that's only for government sites. The custom domains people can purchase such as Lottery.gta.world will not be added to lottery.lscgov.net so.... it'd only fix immersion for the government domains.
  8. What does the C stand for? Los Santos County?? That's only the north part of the map @Marksman
  9. Like what? LSGOV.US LSGOV.COM LSGOV.NET are all taken, what kind of domain would make sence for all IC services?
  10. I dont think its related to the pay system. I have no admin perms anymore on FB but as far as I know it is a setting. Maybe it has been disabled.. @Everett
  11. 100% agreeing. The amount of times for e.g. at Davis 24/7 / Gas station people complained that they give no consent for CCTV, just to get away with a battery or murder charge. IC gas station record the pumps to record people driving off without paying, IC inside the store would be CCTV.
  12. Update 1.10.8 Additions 94 dance animations (Category: Dancing) 11 walk animations (Category: Social) 10 gangsign animations (Category: Gestures) 52 idle animations (Category: Standing) megaphone1 and megaphone2 animation (Category: Standing) canewalk and canestand animation (Category: Social) Couple of kicking animations Special thanks to @Jax and @BINGBONGGHOST for the animations. /equipment badge [type] [rank type] /equipment armour [type] [texture type] Changes Once released from prison you will no longer be teleported to Mission Row Police Station Disabled /harvest seed, it's back to the regular /harvest system only Fixes Faction/Business Garages should load the vehicle list faster now Fix black dash showing in chat on entering the "Y" location for shops
  13. St3fan[NL]


    It doesn't actually. If you look closely before rain its clouds then light rain, then heavy rain then clouds again. I scripted it like this.
  14. Just /report the cars you find with SA EXEMPT plates and admins will change it.
  15. Yeh try with the new modding menu. You can't.. Lol I removed it with the update I just double checked.
  16. Not sure what you mean? You can already mod acceleration etc.
  17. We got the anims and the object. Ill see how it works on ragemp
  18. We found it thx and ill look into it.
  19. Uhm cant you use your imagination? It would be a hell of a pain to search for a picture that matches GTAV dimensions. Or you mean adding irl pics on it??
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