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  1. IFM will temporarily be closing this faction down after leadership figures have received punishments. If a member of the faction currently wishes to continue the concept and obtain ownership of the faction, please come forward to IFM with the backing of other faction members. After further discussion, Illegal Faction Management will be permanently closing the faction.
  2. @Jonesy so to the realest (like my post dude, idc if you wasted ur likes on other posts remove them and like mine instead)
  3. Closing in an hour from now, September 1st GMT+0.
  4. Current bid. Auction closes exactly on the 1st of September.
  5. Bid acknowledged, auction closes in 72 hours.
  6. Address: 2035 Jamestown Street + Garage Buyout Price: $700,000 Starting Bid: $400,000 Bid Format: Home Gallery:
  7. Username: lvl70undeadrogue Comment: greatest country
  8. It doesn't require some sort of specialist to saw off a shotgun. You guys can just put in a request with proper roleplay to IFM for this.
  9. This is a very good thread.
  10. bitch who’s hooked on tar instead of party pills somehow
  11. Naeno

    ROE Q/A

    IFM is not an all seeing eye, it's impossible with the amount of illegal factions and roleplayers there are for us to be caught up and know the fine details of every conflict everyone is in. I can assure you though, if you properly report any poor escalation and it's found to be true, rulings will be enforced. The issue however is a lot of times players simply do not wish to report such things and instead would rather conduct the same actions back after being victims to it. Simple answer is yes.
  12. Naeno

    ROE Q/A

    Factions have always been liable for punishment if escalation reasonings are poor. As with most things, punishments only occur if they're actually reported.
  13. Closed on request of faction leader.
  14. Yeah this has been added, gonna lock and archive this suggestion.
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