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  1. 27 Grove Street house is up for sale! Kitchen, bedroom, living room, bathroom, garage. https://imgur.com/a/30PsZKK Starting bid: $250,000
  2. Congratz @Daylong @Igloo and everyone else on the list! ❤️
  3. I don't think it's a worthy addition just because there will be people who will try to metagame as soon as they get /pm. It shouldn't be mandatory to request kidnap permissions if it's portrayed realistically with proper reasoning behind it.
  4. There are some objects that are out of place, but in general I love the new addition— gives a better vibe.
  5. 3 Alta Street - Floor 15, Room 1 is up for sale! Interested in the apartment? Reach out to me by dialing - 91256780. Market price - $225000 Furniture worth - $166449 Starting bid - $300000 Buyout - $600000 https://imgur.com/a/jW224OV
  6. Supporting this, I myself struggled with this when I first joined GTA W.
  7. Was it a server ban or UCP ban for failing on your application? If it was UCP ban, appeal for an unban and re-apply, don't worry about your old background story! If it was a server ban, appeal for an unban.
  8. If you delete screenshot from PC folder it ends up in recycle bin, have you tried looking for it there?
  9. It would cause lots of confusion, mainly to those who roleplay in big groups. Speaking or roleplaying with someone would make it that harder since you would have to know your ID. If you don't know it or forgot it, it would cause many missed /me's and eventually much more reports. I would suggest lowering the nametag range or even implementing some script, for example, where (A) when you put a level 3 tint, your nametag decreases to 10 meters, (B) when level 2, 5 meters, (C) when level 1 - you can't see nametags at all if in vehicle.
  10. If you go to your inventory and click on money, nothing happens, if you click for a second time then it opens the next menu.
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