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  1. chillax, is two deputies killed, one officer dead, but one wounded, so pray and /flipcoin
  2. “Being poor is not simply a matter of lacking opportunities to convert one's labor into a wage--or a living wage, for that matter--but rather of becoming indebted and, through the commodification of these debts, paying an ever-higher price for being poor.”― Noelle Stout, Dispossessed: How Predatory Bureaucracy Foreclosed on the American Middle Class
  3. “We have two Americas: one where opportunity is locked in, the other where it is largely locked out.”― David Gottstein, A More Perfect Union: Unifying Ideas for a Divided America This thread follows the interactions and development of a second generation Polish-American, Aaron Kaczanowski.
  4. better add /blow, and no, im not talking about blowing someone, im talking about /b but functioning like /low, or in other words, /b with lower radius.
  5. Slooooooow to replyyyyyyy, but fiiiiiiire🐢
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