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  1. 27 Grove Street house is up for sale! Kitchen, bedroom, living room, bathroom, garage. https://imgur.com/a/30PsZKK Starting bid: $250,000
  2. Congratz @Daylong @Igloo and everyone else on the list! ❤️
  3. I don't think it's a worthy addition just because there will be people who will try to metagame as soon as they get /pm. It shouldn't be mandatory to request kidnap permissions if it's portrayed realistically with proper reasoning behind it.
  4. There are some objects that are out of place, but in general I love the new addition— gives a better vibe.
  5. 3 Alta Street - Floor 15, Room 1 is up for sale! Interested in the apartment? Reach out to me by dialing - 91256780. Market price - $225000 Furniture worth - $166449 Starting bid - $300000 Buyout - $600000 https://imgur.com/a/jW224OV
  6. Supporting this, I myself struggled with this when I first joined GTA W.
  7. Was it a server ban or UCP ban for failing on your application? If it was UCP ban, appeal for an unban and re-apply, don't worry about your old background story! If it was a server ban, appeal for an unban.
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