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  1. Now do gang related child murders. Or depictions of criminal drug use by children. Or literally half of the base GTAV game. Like I mentioned elsewhere, underage players (including you) don't belong here - no matter how much they (or anyone else) wish they did.
  2. The gun and ammo limits aren't even remotely realistic, so why are they a thing? If a particular segment of the player base behaves poorly, shouldn't we deal with that instead of hamstringing the entirety of the playerbase? I feel like this is a constant theme.
  3. And my point is that it's really not our problem if you decide to flagrantly ignore the warnings of the base game's rating. An epileptic shouldn't walk into EDM concerts, a diabetic shouldn't enter an eating contest, and minors shouldn't play GTA. Those who choose to ignore the warnings will suffer the consequences. If your being a minor has nothing to do with the suggestion, then don't bring it up in the suggestion thread. The very fact you decided to mention it seems to indicate you believe it should factor into the decision. Again, I really don't see a problem with segregating content by tags, but I'm making abundantly clear that underage players don't belong on this server. You can't say "name me one strip club that doesn't have titties" and expect an answer. "Heavy city roleplay" is typically going to involve themes you're frankly not old enough for yet. You're going to have to find another setting.
  4. Do the dildos depicted in the base game discomfort you? What about the colorful dialog from Trevor and others? My point is this: seems to me you've got all this backwards. I'm not opposed to separating ads by NSFW tags, but let's be clear: venturing into an adult space doesn't mean the adults should be made to tone everything down for you. You've adopted the risk of discomfort by playing an M rated game and further venturing into an online community connected with it - and no matter how much server management may wish otherwise, GTAV is not a game for minors - period. In my opinion, you really shouldn't be here to begin with. There are plenty of roleplaying spaces that don't involve mature subject matter by default.
  5. Resident devil's advocate, here. Full disclosure, I don't think this is a bad idea, necessarily - but this seems like a solution in search of a problem. Are we worried about unrealistic item reuse? People RP giving each other things that don't have in-game script representations all the time. Won't an expiration date attached to items encourage people to simply avoid "wasting" money on the script item altogether? I'm seeing a few things that could go wrong without much of an upside.
  6. It's a server wide problem for anyone forced to interact with the general public - ergo the empty streets. Rather than reform rules surrounding robberies as it pertains to taxi drivers specifically, why not amend them for the entire server?
  7. Reports on top of reports are absolutely not the answer. How can you say things will be resolved in less than a month when the majority of CK appeals in the subforum have been there longer than that? I even see one glaring example that's been idle for more than half a year. What you're saying is just not supported by the evidence. Even if we accept your statistic, 10% is still a really bad number to be waiting multiple months on. Let's err on the side of caution and allow those characters to live if they elect to file an appeal since the process takes so long. I personally think outside CK's are a failed experiment from the 2000's, but if y'all want to keep the system, it's clear we need to fix appeals.
  8. No, they're just accepted for reasons that will never be explained to you using a rubric of judgment that is highly subjective. I suspect everyone here lamenting a lack of CK's will change their tune immediately when their main character is assassinated and they have no idea why. Good luck getting through the appeals process in less than 6 months. A system that broken doesn't need to exist if we refuse to fix it.
  9. I would contend that this isn't exactly the appropriate solution to the problem, though - but I've talked about that ad nauseam in other threads. Artificially preventing resources from being stored in vehicles isn't particularly realistic either.
  10. I mean, when you catch 100+ people actively using and spreading cheats among their factions and let them off with a warning, that really shouldn't be a surprise any more tbh.
  11. Come on, it's not like they used cheat software to give themselves an advantage over everyone else and undermine community trust when relations between players are bad as it is. Y'all seriously need an interior meeting about standards and what's actually bannable.
  12. I love the vibe you're pitching - but I'm not gonna lie when I say I think it'd run right up against the reality of the server. Clubs don't have armed guards because it's fashionable, it's because you've got gang bangers who think it's good RP to ignore the doorman, waltz into a club, then start punching people when someone has something to say about that. Or 14 year old bodybuilders whose players show up specifically to start a fight with your staff. Or extortionists who'll just wait until you're closed to burn you down anyways. The lack of creativity isn't explicitly the server's fault - but the way it's built, and the way it absolutely refuses to curb this unrealistic jackassery does discourage unique concepts.
  13. Yeah, I'm not talking about loans. What MJ is saying (I believe) is that players themselves could develop a system of credit. After all - the point of credit is to determine the level of risk involved in loaning an individual money. Of course, there are good reasons it hasn't happened yet. Developing reliable credit takes longer than the server has been around - much less its characters - and speeding up that process makes it fairly worthless as an indicator of reliability. It may be convenient for you to be able to take out credit, but the state of the server is such that no investor in their right mind would spend on that.
  14. Except they don't want IC to be IC, or we'd have a bill signed tomorrow expanding prison sentences from days to months - or years. "OOC protection for me, but not for thee" seems to be the theme, here.
  15. Hey, don't be mad at me. You played yourself. Where's the violent crime in the quote you cited? "Simple assault" is threatening to punch someone, or slapping someone. Is that your excuse for robberies taking place in line of sight of the Mission Row PD? The fact of the matter is that the "broad daylight" argument makes sense if what we're going for is realism with regards to the way we play the game - but are we going for Heavy RP, or are we going for GTA Online Lite? The ability to commit crimes without regard for the time of day or how densely populated an area would realistically be seems to indicate to me that we want GTA Online Lite. If that's the standard, and What You See Is What You Get, then so be it. That's how you get maxed out locks and alarms with nobody carrying anything for you to steal. Mess with the alarms, and you'll have the return of car stashes as people flood their car inventories with all their property stuff right before a server reset. Stop them from doing that, and they won't bother owning anything you want to steal at all. I mean, to restate the obvious. You played yourself.
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