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  1. L&A'ing this as it's been resolved! ?
  2. Perky

    The recent riots

    If it continues to be roleplayed as it is, I think it's great. It was ORGANIC and wasn't forced by IRL events, which for me is the selling point. As long as it remains as well as it has been and doesn't just turn troll, then I think it'll be great for the server. Obviously, this is just my PERSONAL opinion.
  3. Username: Rastanolybab. Comment: "Until the philosophy which hold one race superior and another inferior is finally permanently discredited and abandoned; everywhere is war". That being said, don't act in a way in which the oppressor can paint you out as the animal they portray you. By all means, take to the streets, but do it with PEACE and DISRUPTION. Not with aggression and destruction. All praise unto jah the almighty, who made all things possible.
  4. Perky

    Trucking Escalated

    L&A'd due to inactivity.
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  7. Perky

    High School &&

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