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  1. to be entirely honest, we had three people at most at one time with nothing happening, what i wanted to do from the very start was good, then no one did anything, but if people kept to it and didnt give up it can be great
  2. Ruriko Onohara was an attempt at something like this last year and it was done as proper as we could, some disputes with the admin team and the person running it came about but what little bit there was, was extremely fun, I would literally come back to do it again
  3. I do not think this is alright, if you are going to have a text based rp server do not deny someone due to a disability they can not control, bad move my friends. If they are qualified to be here then they are qualified to pursue which ever faction they want to be in. Especially with the experience he has with LEO factions before.
  4. Author: AnonButTruthful Comment: Well when someone says a successful Japanese chick that was around the dude 24/7 was the pushing cause, it kind of unfolds a story, always wondered why she had that scar and where she got it.
  5. GOOD stuff glad there was fluid natural interactions with this group on two different characters, both very different interactions, but both very fun and original.
  6. I’ve been on the hunt for a text based RP server for gtaV since VRP came out I gave up the search til a few friends told me about GTAW I brushed it off for a few months. Which I regret. Then I said why not joined a few friends and instantly got hooked.
  7. Fixed up the quality of the screens next update shouldnt look bad!
  8. Grooming the Mind Pt. 1 @Danny™
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