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  1. I don't think that'll work properly on aircraft as it may cause stalling unless the developers thoroughly test the multiple speeds to prevent stalling.
  2. While I don't exactly like car crashes, when looking at MVA's that I respond to as FD, or witness the behavior of people at scenes in a whole: most of them can be avoided. I think that should be hammered down on: people who are speeding right through intersections, driving way too fast on certain roads etc. It's nearly impossible to report these people because the nametag doesn't show up unless you're literally next to them.
  3. Airwolf

    Map changes

    One thing that definitely should be looked at is the performance around Davis. It's already often a FPS killer around that area and I fear for what may happen if there'll be an entire mapping project in the area.
  4. Use the files from Baboon, they work fine.
  5. Even if it wouldn't shift, it's still a nice feature to have. Being able to copy over the ID's instantly and into your own uniforms, only having to adjust textures or the likes based of the shirt you exactly want to use or the decals for your rank. Way easier than having to go through every single clothing item until you reached the specific ID.
  6. I'm going to be honest here: I use QuantV, ENB and PRSA and I rarely get any texture loss now a days, so I'm not sure what the issue is? Before I only used VisualV without any texture drops. And then before that NVE with ENB until the trees dropped, which then I got a lot of texture loss / FPS loss. Now, my point is as followed: I don't think the lights are an issue if there are people experiencing texture loss at this very moment, so you may as well keep it that way.
  7. Offering the starting bid at this moment.
  8. Able to set up a meeting to view it in person?
  9. Last year during the snow I didn't even experience any lag at all. The snow map is in the base game itself: if I recall right, GTA:Online goes full on snow during the holidays, so it's definitely in the base game and not a map mod or the like. There's also a specific weather for snow. On top of that, last year I don't think it was tested with the property weather system if it works or not. Even then, outdoor RP encouragement. The bugs, honestly, were pretty minimal what I experienced and the interior is generally something one should be able to deal with compared to the rest of the year, it wasn't even that bad from what I saw at the Fire Station interiors, could be much worse.
  10. Detailed Description I'd like to see snow happening once more in the server. Last year we had it for about two days and then it got removed from the server for, if I recall right, that it bugged in interiors. We got a very simple solution to this: Make the property weather command available for everyone during the time we have snow in the server. It gives that winter feeling to the server, give us extra RP once more, give us that Christmas feeling that's coming up. It was amazing to see the roleplay surrounding snow, people actually dressing up for the weather and such. Relevant Commands/Items Giving access to the property weather command to everyone temporarily until the snow is over. How will it benefit the server? Give that unique atmosphere that we can't have otherwise in the server and give us the opportunity to roleplay surrounding snow, cold temperatures and the overall winter weather.
  11. Going to be extremely honest here: I believe that the whole drugs system needs an overhaul in terms of risking an overdose. People use drugs like no tomorrow and rarely RP the consequences. So yes, definitely got my support in any case to nerf the positive effects.
  12. 50 words is a lot, honestly, especially if it's a very simple issue. LSFD already has a command to revive people who aren't in the full death screen but only the injured one.
  13. Nothing wrong with my computer, really. Went around the airport, as usual, and I notice extremely different FPS in the area, sometimes even just looking a different direction causes it. No issues in other games as well. Uninstalled NVR and ENB, same area at 60 FPS where I had 144 before. Definitely something related to the update, not my PC or mods. Edit as example:
  14. Uninstalled NVE, went to NVR and same issues as I had before: Major FPS drops where I used to get 144 before, to the point of 35-60 FPS at the same area.
  15. Before these updates I received a way more consistent FPS, only having drops when going through more populated areas, even in Davis having 60-70 FPS and at the airport 144 with NVE. Now I can barely go out of the airport and get a FPS of 50-60 and below.
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