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  1. If you use steam you could always Shift + Tab in order to use the web browser to do this? But as Syrike has said you can used a windowed variant without tabbing out 🙂
  2. (( Backstory and Photo updated - Screenshot Roleplays to follow ))
  3. You're correct! Irl, our X2 Tasers have cartridges that are kept in pouches as opposed to on the taser itself so it depends on the person as to how fast they reload it.
  4. At what point did I say I had a grudge? I agreed :L
  5. You’re not the only one who does this though. I agree there should be a way of getting money for RP scenarios that we provide, outside of trucking and taking a percentage that’s all we get to pay wages as well as insurance and maintenance. I know some companies use a holding company in order to have 2 scripts in total just so they can use start shift for roles that don't drive trucks and then say that’s their pay with bonuses, their way around it is having a “different” business.
  6. Is the tug boat interior an actual thing for the tug boat? If not it should be! ?
  7. By day I'm an IT Support, by night I'm a Special Constable with the police ?
  8. What you need to consider is a realistic aspect here. As a cop IRL, sometimes it can take longer or shorter depending on many different circumstances. I'd expect it would be slower IG as you need to type everything which is what you'd expect, you can't rush quality, especially when it comes to PD/SD/FD. Would you rather them walk up to you and /ticket and that's it?
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