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  1. Is the tug boat interior an actual thing for the tug boat? If not it should be! ?
  2. By day I'm an IT Support, by night I'm a Special Constable with the police ?
  3. What you need to consider is a realistic aspect here. As a cop IRL, sometimes it can take longer or shorter depending on many different circumstances. I'd expect it would be slower IG as you need to type everything which is what you'd expect, you can't rush quality, especially when it comes to PD/SD/FD. Would you rather them walk up to you and /ticket and that's it?
  4. Would be cool to see more every day outfits, but also some more types of skirts too! ? Maybe some actual dresses? For big nights or clubbing outfits! ?
  5. +100000, finally being able to sit down without a huge gap is a must!
  6. banned for using my police car as a picture ?
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