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  1. hello old friend! - also this is great news, here's to hoping for NPC's!!!
  2. I have this same Weakness! I suppose my strength is really being the character, the second I log in, I am my character, I know her friends, how she feels and what to do which is completely different my IRL persona!
  3. Would this be a forced CK or a PK though?
  4. This! It's an IC thing, sure it may affect some peoples performance, I can't remember the last time it rained IG.
  5. Whilst I agree and disagree with some aspects of this, until 1.1 comes I don't think theirs a way of roleplay everything being on your current outfit and so I'm happy to support this if it isn't too hard to implement. Whilst someone could wear the exact same outfit as mine, one could be more worn that the other and so it's a small yet important detail in certain roleplay situations.
  6. If you use steam you could always Shift + Tab in order to use the web browser to do this? But as Syrike has said you can used a windowed variant without tabbing out ?
  7. (( Backstory and Photo updated - Screenshot Roleplays to follow ))
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