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  1. We have had one of our biggest recruitment drives for LSPD with a bunch of new rookies joining us. It's likely a lot of them will take part in FLD, bolstering our staff. I understand that our guys can be busy and sometimes real life catches up and we may need to be away for sometime but with new people joining us, you should see licenses not being held back for to long now. Checking today there isn't many outstanding ones longer than 48 hours. The issue with automation is making sure things are correct as with many automated things, issues creep in and things slip through the net.
  2. I mean the only interaction in game that we have at the moment is calling the number, giving a number of days and saying yes. It might be one of those QOL that you could do before hopping on, most people check their car insurance online anyway to find the best price and buy it there and then without calling up. +1 from me!
  3. Cops do ring callers back where they can amongst the bulk of calls we do get. Whilst I roleplay as a traffic cop, I will usually go to other calls as well as it’s part of the job and call the reporting number to get details quicker than driving there to find out. Not all cops want to be in shootings or shootouts as a lot of us enjoy the community engagement side and talking to people to work out details and then submit crime reports for detectives to look into. I find a lot of people come into MRS to talk face to face and there’s no harm in calling to say you’re there and want to speak to an officer.
  4. I found out you can do /ph2 and it'll open with an iPhone display ((sorry to reply if not allowed!))
  5. hello old friend! - also this is great news, here's to hoping for NPC's!!!
  6. +1 Need! - Would be nice to see a different visual for each phone, I know an iPhone visual was made in this mod topic 🙂
  7. I have this same Weakness! I suppose my strength is really being the character, the second I log in, I am my character, I know her friends, how she feels and what to do which is completely different my IRL persona!
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