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  1. I will always, as others have said, value roleplaying at a scene or incident or asking for 3-4-5 or however many units a backup as I think I might need as opposed to bouncing from 911 to 911. I'll leave 3 of MANY videos as an example of why you might see 3 or 4 cars as backup at a traffic stop. https://streamable.com/9nap6u https://streamable.com/m30lb0 https://streamable.com/f7r1bq These vids just give me anxiety watching them.
  2. hello K3V

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  3. I absolutely 100 percent understand why and where this rule has come from, however, from a realistic perspective there's thousands of police officers in 2 different police forces. In game however we have maybe 10-15 online at any one time; worst case as someone else has said I've seen 5-8 deputies killed in a shootout. That's 8 potential players from a pool of 15 that cannot provide the server with any LEO interaction for an OOC hour. It's good on paper but practical wise its not. The way it stands right now, you die and respawn or you survive and go to hospital, if you die then you respawn and once that shooting scene is done with you resume with patrol. If you survive again once that shooting scene is dealt with you resume unless you want to roleplay some extensive injuries and time off duty. It works, its not perfect sure but it fits what we do on the server.
  4. Yeah still exists; we have to /trashitem everything in a random garage interior so it can be deleted. Would much prefer the items to just vanish and then re-appear once the /release command is used.
  5. Couldn't agree more with this suggestion; you hit the nail on the head when you referenced the recent change with how houses can be sold. Change is required, people should be paying for quality of the mapper not quantity of furniture cost.
  6. Username: ELI Comment: Had the pleasure of employing ECG LLC; they did not disappoint. By far one of the most reliable, detailed and very best in the business.
  7. K3V

    [4SALE] Karin Rebel

    Contact me on the number provided. ((If I'm not IG on that character ping me a PM on Jasper Jones.))
  8. This, Goonbag for me hit the nail on the head. Take for example the current issue with truckers getting robbed; if truckers stop doing deliveries the economy and businesses comes to a halt. In real life the government would have to step in and fix the issue or make a positive step towards doing that, the truckers wouldn't be protesting as such just withholding their labour which in turn would hold business owners hostage until the robbery issue is fixed.
  9. Karin Rebel - ((non-rusty version)) Mileage: 78 Colour: Metallic Midnight Silver Insurance: Expired Plate: UBZ717 Buyout: 30,000$ Contact Details: 96669
  10. K3V


    Sold to a private offer!
  11. K3V


    Albany Presidente C-STR [4SALE] Mileage: 21.93 Colour: Dark utility green Insurance: Expired Plate: TNT696 Buyout: 80,000$ Contact Details: 63473885 This Albany Presidente has only one owner and has thoroughly been looked after during that ownership; money has been invested into it which speaks volumes with just the visual impact it makes alone. New state of the art locking and immobilisation unit has been fitted along with multiple tweaks and changed with the engine being remapped and a turbo fitted. The vehicle also has privacy glass fitted with a keyless fob system for locking and unlocking.
  12. We need to strike a balance between realism, consequences and player enjoyment. The middle ground for all three in my opinion as I've said is an increase in fines, license suspensions and impounds. Scrapping/deleting vehicles isn't the way to go, it'll only push it further to cops'n'robbers style everyone evading to avoid loosing their vehicle. As it stands the fines are not scaled according to the rest of the economy; take for example a coffee some places you'll pay 300-500 dollars while a fine for speeding starts at 1000 dollars.
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