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  1. Westen

    ye if ari dies before spencer meets her puppy there will be hell to pay
  2. Westen

    Im £200 down and still shit but damn the harrier is satisfying
  3. Westen

    i hope @lambchops answers apps better than he flies harriers... congratulations y'all
  4. Westen

    The apprehension of Charlotte Mayfair after she murdered a police officer. To the right is Carlos Cantu, deceased. Cantu was shot and killed by police after ramming through an armed barricade to try and help Mayfair escape.
  5. Westen

  6. Westen

    However much we might've fought ICly, this is a tragic end to some fun RP
  7. Westen

    I'm in the UK!
  8. Westen

    I have exactly the same powers as a full officer so I can do exactly the same thing as they do, except I do it part time and for free (expenses covered of course).
  9. Westen

    I work in the risk and threat management, so I'm responsible for the lovely certifications (ISO27001 etc) and phishing people. I also work part time as a volunteer cop.
  10. Westen

    That's very interesting. Recently?
  11. Westen

    That's interesting, who did you ask?
  12. Westen

  13. Westen

    I like the idea of these public places being divvied up to the Government or someone who then leases them. We had an incident on the Yacht where someone's PF was revoked because it's /technically/ public property.
  14. Westen

    Then the issue is resourcing. At any one time, sure we can have 10-15 officers on. But at that same time there's also a shooting in Forum Drive, two dead at Jamestown and an MVA over in Pillbox that needs a unit controlling traffic. This leaves only 4 or 5 officers for a pursuit.
  15. Westen

    So, the issue is - if you are flying through the city at 100, by the time the cop clocks you and accelerates up to 100mph, you'll be gone. There's no chance of finding you. On the off chance that a vehicle does catch up (say the Interceptor, which is only for certain units anyway), we can spin up a helicopter but that relies on pilots being online. HSU is a...touchy subject and is in the works.