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  1. The Torrence is not a balanced vehicle. It handles like there's a baby large adult panda strapped to the rear that's doing its best to make you spin out every time you try to turn a corner.
  2. Okay possible fix for this! I reinstalled my game and got random mini stuttering. Through looking at a couple threads online, it turns out if you DISABLE vsync in the GAME MENU, but ENABLE it in the NVIDIA control panel with DX11 set as your DirectX version, it MIGHT fix the stutter because it did for me.
  3. Westen


    This will not be happening for the foreseeable.
  4. Would it be possible to get interiors / properties that could be custom mapped into corridors / lecture theatres etc on the uni?
  5. I think people teaching courses based around "life skills" would be more valuable than a one to one copy of actual classes. Nobody wants to sit in an 1hr trig lecture, but some people might be interested in first aid, basic car maintenance, et cetera.
  6. As someone whose primary role on my main character is to teach people, I think this would present some really interesting opportunities, however I have one big question for people that are considering / doing this - with respect to the actual learning aspect of being a student, would people be wanting classes? Or would that just be passively RPed?
  7. Have you tried turning down ped density / population density in the settings?
  8. So, I like the idea of these protests and don't get me wrong, from a LEO standpoint I enjoy them. What I do not enjoy however, is people creating throwaway characters for the express purpose of killing their character off in a riot to further spark those riots or get cops in trouble and yesterday alone at one scene I saw maybe 2, 3 instances of it.
  9. I tried to play beatsaber and then watched some expert videos that put me so much to shame I put it down and never played it again.
  10. Westen


    Underwater Dive Unit - Try Outs Sergeant Curtis begins try-outs for four potential divers in the LSPD's newest unit - the Underwater Dive Unit.
  11. Underwater Dive Unit - Try Outs Sergeant Curtis begins try-outs for four potential divers in the LSPD's newest unit - the Underwater Dive Unit.
  12. Feature Showcase: Dynamic Fire Script Introduction The dynamic fire script is a fully customizable and dynamic system allowing for the creation and modification of fires in-game without a server restart. The old system was clunky, broken, with disappearing fires and wouldn't allow choosing specific position and settings for fires. This new system is made for everyone to be able to use it and bring something that works - all players will now have access to a command to request fires for their roleplay needs. Goals This system was created with two main goals in mind. These are as follows: To provide more in-depth, varying roleplay for the Fire Department. This is achieved through fires being fully customizable from the type of fire that spawns; how it looks, to how long it takes to extinguish and even how far or how fast it spreads. To help facilitate arson or fire roleplay through synchronized fires that can be seen by everyone. Previously, due to RageMP limitations, fires may not be seen by everyone present, which makes these scenes confusing and hectic. Now that the fires are synchronized, everyone present will have a clear idea of the fire and the extent to which it has caused damage. Key Components This system comes with two key components: the fires themselves; and the ability to fight these fires. The Fires Firstly, the fires. Fires can be created by an administrator level 2+ or high ranking Fire Department member (Deputy Chief+) using /firemanager. These fires are stored in the database, and can be customized at any time. Fires can be created, edited, deleted, teleported to or extinguished if active while in-game with the admin panel in /firemanager. Each fire has the following attributes: Origin (X, Y, Z): where the fire originated from in the world. Chance to Spread: The % chance every time the aggression timer ticks that the fire will spread (assuming it can spread!) Aggression Time: A timer which will run every X seconds (X specified by the user). Once this timer elapses, there is a chance for the fire to spread - or for the fire to be destroyed ("knocked down") if all the flames have been extinguished. Max Lifespan: The maximum lifespan of the overall fire in minutes. This is usually where the fire has run out of oxygen or fuel and can no longer sustain itself. Max Spread Radius: In metres, the maximum distance about the origin that the fire can spread (circular). Max Children: The number of smaller fires that can be created from the origin fire. Minimum FD online: As a fire can be made more or less intense by the creator, this regulates the number of qualified firefighters online (rank 2+) so that the fire does not go unattended when spawned. Particle Info: There are over 400 different fire particles in GTA V. To make things simple, 8 of the easiest to use fire particles have been stored. These have varying effects from spreading along the ground, to killing the player if they get too close. Images for the different fires can be found below: Max Child Lifespan: The maximum time in minutes that a child fire from the origin can survive before it extinguishes due to a lack of fuel or oxygen. Child fires will have a health randomly selected between 1 minute and this value to prevent the fire from becoming stale. Max Child Health: The maximum health that the child particle has. By default, 100. This is reduced by attacking the fire with the extinguisher or hose. The higher this value, the longer the fire takes to be extinguished. Child fires will have a health randomly selected between 1 and this value. Fighting the Fires Fires can be fought with two main methods: a fire extinguisher, or a hose. The fire extinguisher is used as always - aim at the fire and left click. This should be sufficiently roleplayed as Fire Extinguishers may deplete. Secondly, the hose. This hose can be taken from a Fire Truck with /hose. This will allow the player to hold a hose that fires a stream of water at a given point. The red marker is where the hose is hitting and is the de-facto hitbox for the hose. This should be placed over the fire you wish to extinguish, and can be controlled with PageUp or PageDown to raise or lower the marker respectively. Fire spawns Fires will randomly spawn for the fire department to handle, and all roleplayers can also request a fire with /requestfire <description> for admins to help them spawn a fire based on their need.
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