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  1. Westen

    Honestly? 101 reasons. I had the same happen. Could be due to degradation of your current hardware now making it stutter, could be load on your PC.
  2. Westen

    If your game is on a HDD, it will stutter. This is because RageMP is dogshit. Put the game on an SSD and you should be fine.
  3. I don't suppose there's a future for anything mental health related law-wise is there? I've been lucky that as a crisis negotiator in PD, one of three things has happened: The person has killed themselves (not the most ideal outcome) The person is talked down and voluntarily goes to hospital (the most ideal outcome) The person committed a crime so we could arrest them (or they end up getting gunned down; the worst outcome). I have not yet had someone who is talked down, but then refuses to engage after the fact. And I'm guessing it's only a matter of time until that happens. Is there anything in the works affording peace officers, or even FD, to detain people for their own safety?
  4. Westen

    If the unit is partnered, I'd argue that that's a completely reasonable request. If it's a single officer, then I would disagree. Taking your hands off the movement keys to type /m LSPD stop the car is difficult under the best of times, even moreso when you're behind someone with lights and sirens who could slam on at any minute.
  5. Westen


    A John or an Arms Dealer?
  6. Westen

    I absolutely loved the campaign. MP is a bit harder than usual but maybe I'm just crap.
  7. Westen

    So, I think there's two points here, correct me if I'm wrong - the threats, and how situations are dealt with. I'd go so far as to arguing there's two types of threats - the "you're all fucking dead next time you're seen around here" threat, which, to be fair, is perfectly valid and would affect risk assessments when deploying to that area, or the "I'm going to kill your whole fucking family" threat. What sort of threats are we on about here? Risk assessments happen all the time - Metropolitan deployments, UPR authorizations, requesting backup to traffic stops. In fact, whenever anyone gets out of a car on a stop, I J-turn and leave because the likelihood is that I'm going to die. Missed this originally, apologies, but, if we're classing fear RP as allowing past experience to affect our responses to situations, then, yes. When fearing gang threats was originally brought up, I was under the impression that it meant my character had to be "scared" as opposed to simply allowing it to affect them and that's my mistake.
  8. Westen

    I think you have a couple of valid points in the first part, and yes, I have flashed people and slowed them down before saying "slow down" simply because I'm on my way to a more important incident. However at what point should my character start to fear gangs when the majority of them are simply incapable of carrying out their threats? If there were things to legitimately fear - for example, a few months ago it was very difficult to do things in Forum Drive simply because you'd get swarmed by B13 - that was fear. People were scared to respond to calls in Forum Drive. To address the quoted part, there's a lot that you cannot see. Whilst I'm not making excuses, there's a litany of reasons you can be stopped and asked to step out of the vehicle without the officer going through the whole rigmarole. For example, there might be intelligence to suggest you're involved in a crime; or you match the description of a suspect or suspect vehicle involved in a crime. There's ALPR to run plates automatically for us, etc etc.
  9. Westen

    99% of the people I arrest are incapable of carrying out those threats. The one time someone tried to carry out the threat, they got gunned down with like, 4 rifles (in over a year of playing). Penn v. Mimms states that a cop can order you out of your vehicle on a stop. Terry v. Ohio states should the officer suspect you are carrying weapons he can perform a terry frisk. That covers both of your above points, and, assuming the officer can justify that, there are no rights violations. That's not bad RP.
  10. Username: Traffic Warden Comment: Whilst you are right in that there is no chain of custody for the content provided in this article, I still think it is interesting in showcasing awareness of the incidents at hand.
  11. Username: Traffic Warden Comment: One might argue that the investigator in this article had good reason - for the purposes of crime prevention and awareness. Huh.
  12. Username: Traffic Warden Comment: I think context plays a very key role in this. The purposes of the pictures were investigative; not to be creepy. Is it morally wrong and creepy for Detectives to do stakeouts?