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  1. Westen

    When I look at traffic violations, I ignore a lot of things such as swerving simply because of how shit the sync is. I can't count the number of times I've stopped someone for driving in the wrong lane and swerving, and they've sent me a streamable of them driving perfectly fine.
  2. Westen

    Can't quote @SaintBatemanofWallStreet's post for some reason. As a little aside, a while ago there was a duo that constantly evaded. We had warrants on them, but because they just drove around like it was GTA:O and never actually roleplayed (yes, they were PLMed), it was next to impossible to catch them. Introduce: the Insurgent. This bad boy was used to pin their car against a wall so they could not escape. They then threatened to report the officers involved because it was "unrealistic to use a Bearcat to stop a car from evading". How do we execute that warrant? e: let me clarify this a little. almost every method we use to catch people is seen as unfair. what can "we" being the community do to make this fair for both parties
  3. Westen

    Whilst this would be the ideal solution, we can only crush cars that are unregistered. I don't know how PLM works. With regards to the helicopters, I'm like, 90% sure that (assuming LSPD is loosely based on LAPD) when an officer needs help call goes out, they request backup, an airship and a supervisor (hence the change in policy in the LSPD requiring US to do so too)
  4. Westen

    But then that ties into something else - evasion. The majority of times a helicopter is requested because Jimbob Cletus in his Pariah thinks it's a good idea to evade the cops for a simple failure to yield ticket. Police, being the police, cannot afford department issued Pariahs, and thus, require an airship to maintain visual.
  5. Westen

    With insurance as under developed as it is, that is a strange hill to die on. With respect to the realism, please report them. Smokey has provided links in the LSPD and You Thread on how to do that if you believe someone's being unrealistic. Or, alternatively: https://lspd.gta.world/viewtopic.php?f=261&t=26229
  6. Westen

    I think this is a bit of a moot point. At least where I am, police do not insurance - instead, they have a bond or a trust for which money comes out of. The rate at which police vehicles get damaged or require repairs is far beyond what an insurance company is willing to pay. ignore this im wrong
  7. Westen


    Early Morning Warrant Execution
  8. Westen


    Pursuit on an SUV suspected of being involved in a double homicide
  9. Westen


  10. Westen

  11. Westen


    Active Metropolitan Wolfpack responds to a kidnapping call. I'm not sure what happened with the quality on this one.
  12. Westen

    This is something that frustrates me. There are times when there are certain things that need to be done quick, for example, securing someone in Forum Drive. Lengthy /me's have no place unless you are trying to accurately describe a complex tactic, and increase the risk for everyone involved as the longer you are sat there, the more chance you have of simply just getting shot.
  13. Is your game on a HDD or SSD?
  14. Westen


    Intuition leads to a pursuit, resulting in an AK-47 being pulled on an officer.