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  1. Westen

    My RP consists of counting down from 5 and shooting people that resist arrest.
  2. Westen

    Congrats y'all!!
  3. 2 hours is an over-exaggeration, sure. But is it appropriate for FD to sit there with someone for about half an hour in the middle of the most dangerous place on the server for a single gunshot wound to the arm?
  4. But the issue is that you shouldn't be spending 2 hours roleplaying with someone that's been shot at the side of the road.
  5. That's not exactly correct. Sure, have in depth roleplay all you want; there's a time and a place for it - for example, when somebody overdosed on the floor of their apartment. Sure, do it then, but if you're tabbing out to wang up some medical jargon for this poor Forum Drive gangbanger that's taken a nine mil to the arm, that's not appropriate.
  6. I already have done. I was active for a few weeks before a combination of things meant I had to go inactive and I quit the server for a bit. I'm not challenging the roleplay itself, I'm challenging the length of time between getting there and getting out.
  7. The majority of shootings on this server occur at Forum Drive or Grove Street. The number of shots fired in the past week there has to be in the double digits. There is a significant chance that if we as cops attend that scene, we will get shot at. For example, there was one incident a few days ago where a guy got shot in the arm. It turned into a critical incident after the police and FD were shot at by people on quad bikes, and then a vehicle was rammed into the police cordon.
  8. I think this sums up my thoughts perfectly. Another thing I'd like to add on the medical terms, is please explain stuff. I was at a scene where someone had been turned into the Grove Street equivalent of swiss cheese, and the paramedic does an IV. They then ask in /do if something fills up with blood when the saline is pushed through. Like...maybe? How would I know? I'm not a paramedic. Something I try to do is explain, e.g. "Would _'s pupils constrict normally when the light is shined in them? If not, this could indicate a severe head injury."
  9. Personally, I'd say one of the big things I am not a fan of is the time it takes for anything to be done. It takes a long time for them to be prepped and loaded, and I often find myself tabbing out at medical scenes because of this. For example, someone was shot in the arm in Forum Drive - the most dangerous area of the server as it stands right now. It took twenty five minutes for FD arriving, to them being loaded up and transported even though a tourniquet had been applied.
  10. Westen

    The development team are working on solutions given the limited number of vehicles in the game. On that note, locked.
  11. "Tarantula" Tim Spencer Police Officer England Los Santos Roleplay Peaceful Protester Brutalized by Cops in Back of Van
  12. Westen

    Does turning your internet off and playing in offline mode do anything?
  13. Westen

    Are they archive fixed?
  14. Westen

    I don't think you understand what sort of chaos that force-demoting cops that die would cause. It would lead to systematic targeting of the PD to destabilize it, which, putting my other definitely more known feelings for PD and how it is led, would not benefit anybody. One of two things would happen: People are force demoted and this is enforced, leading to them losing their ranks, their authority and their division. This would cause chaos as people are promoted for a reason, meaning you'd scramble to try and fill that gap so things could continue as normal. This would lead to animosity between people in the department, knowing their rank was given to someone else simply over a coin flip. Or what's more likely to happen is that the person is demoted, but it isn't strictly enforced, leading to them keeping their authority etc until PD can just promote them back again, meaning that CKing the cop has zero effect at all.