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  1. As someone who's been robbed a lot, I have given this some thought. I've been robbed in a manner I found, perhaps not rewarding but fair, and in a manner which I found to be disheartening and a real killer of any motivation I had to rp that day, and it was never the amount I was robbed, but rather how. - A few times I've been robbed walking down a sunny street of a busy road, or in an area that should be crowded with npcs. I've had robbers take advantage of the fact it is morning and the population is low, and the fact that not many people are around at that exact moment despite you are in a well known club and restaurant area in clear view. Negative rp experience: Car spots me walking alone down the pavement of usually a busy road, guys jumps out in a masks with guns, stressing knowing they have chosen a bad spot. They shout for you to move move move partially around the corner, still knowing this is a bad spot, they yell to just do /rob or show inventory, they moan at you for trying to emote, they tell you ooc repeatedly (and this happens a lot) they will report you to the admins unless you show your inventory right now and accuse you of stalling if you try and emote more than just. /me looks scared. as I hand them your 300 dollars. Less negative rp experience: I walked down somewhere stupid, back of a building, or I was stalked until the robber found me in a place that he could now do his move, and now I face the consequences. The robber knows no police or anyone is likely going to wander near here in the next few minutes. He takes his time to emote, I get time to emote my reactions, he gets my 300 dollars and I walk away having had a proper rp encounter that I can play off for the rest of the day. If robbery only happen in areas that realistically they can get away with it, down alleyways, behind buildings, edge of town or parts of the city that wouldn't be crowded with npcs that would report you on the spot, and robbers chose to only go for people and locations where you can both engage in the rp properly, it would: - Limit the shitty robbery experience people have. - Encourage people to not feel they must stay indoors to avoid being robbed. People would walk more rather than drive down the main streets. - And all together the focus would be more on creating an interesting experience for everyone involved, instead of the robber wanting to feel powerful in ooc shouting at you to give them 300 dollars while ic spamming you with slurs and accusing you of stalling because you're trying to emote something in response. That is my experience and fix.
  2. Was robbed by 5 masked men, in the middle of the ocean while on a boat.
  3. Today is International Coffee day! Wish us happy Coffee day on 1st of October and get 50$ off your order! We will be celebrating by selling our limited Pumpkin Spice Latte, which will only be in house throughout October and November! ☕
  4. Grab your ugg boots and comfy scarves. For a limited time, from the 1st of October. Guess what is coming to the Bean Machine on the pier throughout October and November. 🍁🧡
  5. On the market for a 107 Playa Vista apartment, but needs to be 107. PM me on here for talks, or to get my personal contact details, or drop me a message underneath.
  6. Today Thursday the 16th at 19:00 on Los Santos Pier Bean Machine on the Pier is pleased to sponsor our hard-working Alpha Delta Pi Sorority ladies with their Charity Bikini Car wash! Find them outside our Coffee shop, and while you wait for your car to get cleaned, pop inside for a cup of our special brew!
  7. 'Bean Machine on the pier' is a coffee house located at the end far end of Los Santos long pier in Del Perro. It is one of the most scenic coffee houses, with its large panoramic windows overlooking the ocean. What the 'Bean Machine lacks in size, it makes up instead in atmosphere, good quality coffee, a welcoming environment and ambience. The Bean Machine provide a range of high quality coffees, an assortment of sandwiches, cakes and even vegan options. It uses only Colombian beans of the fair trade brand 'Martinez Café Y Caña' While having had several managers in the past, it is currently owned by a Lizzy Summers, a barista from England. You can follow 'The Bean Machine on the Pier' on Facebrowser for coffee news, events and coffee related pictures and memes: https://face.gta.world/pages/Beanmachinedelperro If you have visited, please feel free to leave a review.
  8. What floor and room?
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