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  1. Pretty much how my character feels on the inside.
  2. This is the equivalent of written character stories you see in other rpg games. I don't personally think these are for other people's enjoyment, but a way for the creator to express himself in diary form. It will be enjoyed by his friends and a few others and with that comes the freedom to upload or not without any sense of guilt or responsibility. I think they are neat, they are a gallery into a characters life, and just like nobody really read written characters stories, it's just a creative expression of the player that might be enjoyed by a few others, and that is enough.
  3. Because if you are using real or edited photos of real people, it is almost impossible to verify if they are being used legally. As an artist I can speak about this with some knowledge as artists gets in trouble all the time using real people as references that is a copyrighted image or the model wasn't aware. If somone pick a picture from Google images, there is no guarantee that photo wasn't stolen of an account against the person's wishes or has a copyright attached to it from the photographer or the model. Just because prople post selfies on say Instagram, does not give anyone the right to use those selfies. This is why most rpg games that uses portraits uses either artwork or have photoshopped photos (which is still iffy) to the point they have been transformed.
  4. Portrait usually exist in rpg games because... well... We don't have that issue in gta5.
  5. -1 This is pretty standard in other roleplay games normally because of the limited customization of the character, but I don't think we need it in this game with the quality of the character models. It comes with issues, such as using pictures of real people who hasn't consented to being used, celebreties, real criminals for gang picturs, to trolling by adding jokey and r-rates images which adds another thing for admins to have to control. In 20 year old fantasy rpgs it is kinda must and in those people often use commissioned fantasy art they have rights to. Elf portraits the person have paid for, here it will be stolen images from Instagram and gang mugshots.
  6. Long emotes is the norm of almost every roleplay game there is. This game is more fast paced, and that is fine. But this type of dialogue in heavy roleplaying is less common. I personally think long form roleplay is more immersive, but you like most who came from other RP games to this, I've adapted to a more short form. That however does not mean we should EVER... gatekeep, or insult, or tell someone they are wrong for wishing to be more descriptive. It is not okay to send /b messages with insults, you are just upsetting people not helping. How you see the world is not guaranteed to be right, and just because you roleplay a certain way, and nobody complain, gives anyone any right to correct others roleplay. Honestly, just leave people alone. And if someone writing a long emote annoys you, keep it to yourself and let them have their fun. Some people will actually appreciate it even if you don't.
  7. Watch a smart Casino reading this, ditching the entry fee, advertising their lack of an entry fee, and getting all the customers. 😁
  8. This was shot down recently, I think even Nervous chimed in and said it would never happen. Basically in any rp game where you add "eating" as a mechanic, where it isn't just an idle thing that barely is registered (which then defeats the point) people just end up filling their inventory with the cheapest 'food' item as it wont disrupt the flow of rp, pulling a burger out of your pocket mid conversation on the street.
  9. Doesn't hurt, as long as it is optional. So the person have to select sharing it, and they can still change it on the quiet.
  10. 8pm tonight Wave Length Music festival! 1000$ entry fee, free to members.
  11. It is however never cool to be insulting people in /b. Don't mock people for their roleplay choice, if they are not breaking the rules and you find what they are doing lame. Just make a mental note to not interact with them. It doesn't matter how much of a cliche cringe meme they are.
  12. Any player who complain about people emoting (long or short) are in the wrong. End of. You are in a highly graphic, high animation server so people are mostly using dialogue, it is more fast paced, but they (your attackers) at the end of the day logged into the heavy rolepay text server.
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