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  1. Some people? Anyone can mug, there is just set rules for you to follow. Not complicated rules, just rules limiting the method. Nobody is saying we should ban mugging, even people like myself who hate the form it normally takes. Anything that involves administration. "applying, granting, removing" is kinda a no because that takes admin manpower. Right now, mugging is down to the player reading the rules properly and if they want to improve people's negative attitude towards it. Simple: Treat the target like a fellow player instead of a disposable npc, and take ooc into account their rp and experience.
  2. The civi character that got forced into robbery rp, had plans that evening. They came home from work, took care of family matters, had dinner, and now have a few precious hours at the PC before they have to go to bed. They wanted to meet with their friends, and de-stress. They had plans for things to do in game. They had two hours for themselves. This wasn't DayZ or Rust, a game where looking out of danger is part of the experience. They had just stepping outside their ic apartment, their character idling for a few minutes while the player got a Cola from the fridge. He came back to two masked guys threatening to report him if they didn't move. Even when he did, they didn't allow for him to emote. It was all, get around the corner, /b move or I report you, I am calling an admin. He moved and they posted a single emote of patting him down, before spamming /rob in /b. He complied while being spammed with slurs with no room to emote or reply. He had nothing in his inventory, why would he, the same thing had happened to him less than a week ago. Now he only carried his phone, the cheapest he could buy, they took it and ran shouting fa--. Getting his phone back an hour had been spent on the rp, he only had a bit over an hour left before his night was over. Meanwhile, the robbers ran off complaining about how unfairly the game treated them, partially because they had to run to their car parked down the road.
  3. +1 It is annoying. You see people pretending to be troll accounts using offensive hate language to boost threads, words they would never dare to use with their own characters. Calling someone slurs is fine when you can pretend to be Joe Hillbilly a conservative right-wing character that doesn't exist. And it becomes just a loophole to be disgusting without any ic consequences. Especially when the purpose is to make rude comedy trolls to a make a thread stay on top of the forum page, when the rest of the player base really doesn't care. It is power/metagaming.
  4. This was a rule implemented because of repeated pisstakes from muggers. You don't remember the times when this was not a rule and almost all mugging were done by spotting a lone target and jumping out 3 guns deep. It stopped people from being in dim 0 unless they were in a car. If you stood outside a shop, or chose to walk to a venue, people would ooc warn you to get in a car asap unless mugger drove past and spotted you. It sucks for muggers, but it was ruined by muggers treating people like walking npc ATMs like they were trying to grind a job script, instead if prioritising the rp for themselves AND the victims. And sadly, this was the method of the majority of criminals.
  5. The advantage of it being in a faction is the improved pay. It would be great to see more busses, but if it is like fishing and garbage that is unsupervised the salary would need to be reduced to not be exploitable. If anyone new could pick it up, you know people will race between the bus stops to grind the money with no rp or care. What would be a good solution was if you could apply for Bus and Public works through a script in the job centre, sent to LSgov so they can reach out later.
  6. One bit of advice when you and rp poor is don't get rid of all their starter money. I am sure it helps some with immersion and challenge, my personal take is that it is better to have a bank account with money and treat it as ooc. The number in the corner doesn't matter. This is because there might be things in the game that you feel would add to your character experience, but you won't be able to afford them with the money you make from your job. So example, there might be a mapped cool-looking apartment in little Seoul, where the person is asking for 200k+ because of the ooc furniture cost, while the apartment itself looks tiny and dingy and maybe run down. So in those instances, it's handy to have cash for those purchases. The same goes for tattoos, for a pickup truck, trailer, rusty old car, bike, small boat, or things that you can rp cost you nothing, but the game is still going to charge you quite a bit for.
  7. It should be a rule against robbing someone directly outside a club or casino door that has a blip running or just switched it off. Around the corner, carpark, alleyway, and down the road is fair game. People in RL do get mugged walking to their car. Also outside clubs and casinos that has not been open should be fair game. Directly outside the doors, is dumb, and unrealistic, and players are taking advantage of the lack of npcs that would be there. And yes, this does happen.
  8. Answer ads. - Move in with someone seeking a roommate or rent a cheap place. The pressure of rent will add sense of goal and need for work. - Join a player-owned trucking, taxi company, or become the lower tier staff at a player-owned business. - Pick up side jobs that suits you like bartending, bouncer work, chef. - Hang out at local bars and venues getting to know and befriend people while spending your meager money on beer. - Go to a low end gym and buy a membership for same reasons. - Get a car that suits your low-income image. - Set yourself restrictions on what you can't do, and can't afford even if your bank account says otherwise.
  9. More lovely guests enjoying the resort. Matilde Marciano Emily Chen Ines Nervetti and Amanda Quinn enjoying our spa. https://face.gta.world/Megan https://face.gta.world/Vee_Parker
  10. Over the past year and a half, I have had the honour of co-hosting several major events on the server alongside @ChickenOffSky. These events have been immensely gratifying experiences. We've organized a Beer festival, a career fair, two Pride events, two New Year celebrations, a 4th of July celebration, a Christmas market (with lots of help) and countless weddings. The most unforgettable one for me was Halloween and Freak Fest last October. We have now semi-retired from the event hosting, but I don't think we will be staying away from it entirely.
  11. - 1 I don't want to offend any RL crypto bros, so I am not going to comment on why not.
  12. In most rp communities the standard is: /me attempts *then waits* It gives the other party agency.
  13. I am not entirely familiar with Gas station rp, but they always seemed like hang out and hot spot for rp. There are always people working them and people idling around. I think by making fuelling more of a necessity, you will find more diversity and activity at gas stations instead of it being specific rp groups. It can only benefit the ones working there, and for the people who use it as a hang out. Who knows what changes there will be if all types have to start coming face to face at gas stations. I can't predict it but it must create more rp.
  14. Let's try it for a few weeks and then we can give valid feedback, and maybe it will get tweaked. The request to nerf was born out of a player suggestion that had overwhelmingly positive responses from the player base and the management is simply responding to the the communities wishes.
  15. It's an "experimental" fuel nerf that nobody in this thread has yet to try out. At the moment the complaint is "they have changed fuelling and I don't like the idea of change." Experimental means it is open to be tweaked. The experience of many players (clearly not all) is that they can go weeks without fuelling even when logging in and driving daily, making it a feature that seems redundant in its current form. I am hoping for many this change will become a habit that won't feel punishing. Obviously there is going to be a tiny minority that spends all their rp time driving around, who will feel it worse than the rest. But again, if you rp is 90% car driving, fuelling should be a realistic concern.
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