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  1. Ari-

    just kiss me already
  2. Ari-

    yes i know it's not an in-game screenshot
  3. Selling my beautiful and spacious house in Vespucci, just walking distance from the beach. Two bedrooms (( 1 room can be made into a bedroom )), with a huge kitchen, living and dining area, giant walk-in closet and a spacious bathroom (see below for pictures). The bedroom also exits out onto a balcony. Please contact 12072738 for private viewings Starting bid is 300k Exterior (please ignore my friend) Dining/Kitchen Area Living Room Upstairs Hall & Bedroom As the property holder, I reserve the right to withdraw or disregard any bids made.
  4. Ari-

    oops i accidentally took this pic haha, i didn't even know my phone was on haha
  5. Ari-

    thank you sm ❤️❤️
  6. Ari-

    ~ Ariana Harriet Davis ~
  7. Ari-

    u ok hun?
  8. Ari-

    this is just a tribute x
  9. Ari-

    im so glad u like it ❤️ also oh my god yes please make one!!
  10. Property has been sold