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  1. Username : Ray Comment : Better than those OneGate career flippers.
  2. @Bash cool admin, the person who stays chill in most situations, not really the one acting the 'big' guy just because he has thestaff rank. ❤️ respect @FearnR very helpful fella 10/10 (cool admin)
  3. Thank you. Or else.. It's kinda a silly thing to say.
  4. That was for only working an hour, folks. Most of the clubs stay open for at least 2/3 hours. Also, include DJ payment in this as well. 21 K X3 = 63K + DJ $ too if we hire any. (sry for double post)
  5. That goes for the bouncers. Your words are not making any sense at all. Please come with any good excuse to prove 'Clubs are earning too much'.
  6. We are not charging 5$ for drinks. Most of the drink prices are between 250 to 350$ Let's say 30 ppl buy drinks from your club? You'd still make around 5k only with decent prices. VIP Lounge? = Extra guards = extra paying. So.. after all this, it comes to the same topic again.
  7. Selling the property to server should be allowed without the 14 days delay, yes. Technically, this rule was made to stop property flipping. (Buying any property and selling it for much higher price the other day)
  8. Yeah, there's a rare chance of clubs charging entrance fee. With that still? They are not able to pay their employees. If you have 2 bartenders / 2 guards (One in / 1 outside ) And 1 manager? How the frick are you supposed to pay them? You can only make 20K per opening along with some drinks.. i'd say 2/3k from drinks. Let me break this for you. In all other biz's.. the employees are getting paid about 4k an hour. 4K - 1 bartender 4K - 2nd bartender 5K manager 4K - guard 4K - guard So, clubs are only making 2/3K profit atm. I don't know from where people are coming from and saying "Oh nO! Admesn! cluBs ArE Maskding! so muuuch!!"
  9. Alright, after reading all the comments.. It seems like the server is pushing players to own more custom businesses? I don't have to say why. In past, the entrance fees were a thing. They were only restricted to nightclubs and other businesses because it won't make sense to have a tattoo parlor or barbershop with entrance fee. But.. now? It's not entrance fee, it's the government bonus which is more likely a different thing if we compare it to entrance fee script we had in past. I don't know why they would even do this to non-custom businesses.
  10. Username : NoName Comment : FD Females are sick fucks. Lesbians rolling around, dating each other in the department and other bullshit like that. Moral of the day : That goes to show ya, people - never abuse a firehose sexually, it will go off. ** IP leads to India, Mumbai **
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