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  1. Just wanted to say thanks to whoever created the Jazz station. I've been hoping for something like this, it's appreciated!
  2. I love the idea of adding more rain. There is much more opportunity for rich RP with moderately variable weather: RP itself, but also costumes, traffic, crime....everything can be influenced.
  3. I just think there's a ton of potential with a variety of different item types. Just myself I can think of clothes, art, souveneirs, gyros. The list is almost endless.
  4. I've been having a lot of rich RP experience recently operating "Notice Me Sempai" (Jiro's Art and Taco Van). I park usually on Vinewood Blvd, and set up a boombox with Dominican music, while having a great time conversing and RPing with customers who buy my art, tacos or both. It's actually been a very rewarding and wholesome experience, and I've gotten feedback ic and ooc that it having the van set up like this adds a 'living world' feel to the server. My suggestion is: Why not make this a "real" job? I can already use /bad to make an ad and a blip, the only thing missing is the ability to earn some active rp cash while I do it. I feel like the business truck idea adds richness to the server and could be potentially a lot of fun for other players who want to set up the same sort of thing, whether it be selling food, apparel, or whatever they might imagine.
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