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  1. You just wait once I'm out of my probationary period, those forests are mine fool. I need some solid body finds and dope stashes, trying to get into that detectives path 😄
  2. Why...though? It'd be the same if we'd demand activity from any criminal RP. Like I said, only because you had a sloppy development in SD, doesn't mean everyone in here are having a bad time, me as a new dude in LEO scene...this thing is great and inspiring, that whole pride and honor thing, it's dope. I don't know why you hating on SD, I don't wanna sound rude my dude, but you got issues.
  3. Why not join SD and become the prison guard? I joined SD out of a principle matter and I was convinced wrong of their actions, as I was mainly in whole gang scene and wasn't fan of law enforcement , but when you joined the other side...it ain't as easy as you think it is. But hey, if you wish to help with prison activity, by all means...you can join SD on lssd.gta.world and play your part, we are people like everyone else. We aren't cyborgs or NPC's, we do our best to keep prison activity, and while I been here for nearly two weeks, I seen prison activity daily. I don't know what you on about,
  4. If SD gets "deleted"...not even kidding. And damn, SugarMama dude...you really hate SD huh? You ever thought that umm....maybe it's "you" that's a problem? Just saying my G, for somebody like me who been most of the time in gang scene and joining in out of principle to beg the differ, you straight up despise this thing.
  5. You know what people can do? If they see inactive jails on their accounts, they can make a new character and join the SD and assist us with activity. It's what I did...I was heavy into criminal RP, and spend a lot of time in the county by going not-guilty, and I enjoyed every moment in that prison RP, thanks to La eMe, SD, Black Car and the whiteboys...it was great, and sure...you seen SD being a bit inactive here and there, but we realized that...those fools are people too, and not everything can be 100 percent. This isn't a job, SD don't get paid 9-5 or anything, people get on when they can.
  6. Hello. As a individual that was mainly in the criminal role-play, and having pretty bad narratives on the whole police thing, after joining the department out of a principle matter...I've come to realize that, it's not what it seems when you're on the other side. There are so many things that are going on and from what I can tell, department is doing its best to recruit more deputies to possess the necessary amount of deputies to cover the map. It ain't that simple, there's a process that we have to go through, gentlemen. And me, as somebody who never done any law enforcement role-play, it tak
  7. you niggas are on lowrider competition blacklist, fuck ya'all winning all my money for!!!! 😄 Good shit homies, loving the media and your development. RIP Driller!
  8. My nigga. I got nothing but love for southsiders server-wide. @AceS| and believe it or not, I fucks with this deputy. Realest.
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