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  1. That would be awesome. Can we make this happen? @Nervous please. We all agree on this lol. Change it to 20 hours per UCP instead of 20 hours per character.
  2. So why isn’t anything else restricted with this logic? This makes no sense. New players shouldn’t be allowed to fish until 20 hours. Why are players allowed to farm before 20 hours? Why is garbage truck allowed before 20 hours? Why is taxi driver allowed before 20 hours? All this is allowed but just trucking isn’t? It’s all script grinding but nothing is restricted except trucking. Makes no sense. @effion At the very least, it should change it to be 20 hours per UCP account not character for all these things. I have hundreds of hours across characters. I shouldn’t be restricted in the same manner as a brand new player if that’s what the intention is for.
  3. HeyMambo

    Ads In Game

    Then they should be losing the property. When we have progressed to the point where these ads are being made out of desperation, there is something wrong with quality control.
  4. Instead of adding time gates, actively enforce and punish people for being stupid while trucking. 20 hours is a lot, especially for someone who doesn’t play several hours a day. Why punish people with less than 20 hours who actually want to do trucking because of people who are stupid? Bet if we placed a 20 hour rule on committing crime people would be outraged. Can’t trust new players with trucking but we can with crime? Based.
  5. Agreed. I’m not sure why this was ever allowed in the first place. Makes absolutely no sense at all.
  6. With respect, your suggestions are pretty ignorant of the issue and fall on deaf ears. I personally, among many others, have pursued these avenues IC already. Reporting to cops. Reaching out to politicians. Using weapons to scare them off. It hasn't slowed it down at all. Nothing fruitful has come from trying to keep it IC. Trucking is anti-fun to begin with. While I don't advocate for some magical barrier, something has to give one way or another. There's a reason places in the city are running out of components and not getting restocked. Truckers are tired of dealing with shit and not getting any relief IC or OOC for it. The only shining light so far is that Nervous changed the need for truckers to carry cash, which they don't need to anymore. So hopefully that will slow things down back to where its bearable.
  7. Can't do that when IFM directly allows crime to flourish the way it has without the consideration that we live in a metropolitan city. I tried to address it and ended up muted and temp banned on the forums 🤣 Good luck fighting the good fight lol
  8. I know this is an RP server but respectfully this is completely ridiculous. You don’t have logistics companies these days hiring people to steal other company’s trucks to take out the competition. This isn’t 1920’s New York. It’s no wonder companies are running out of components. There’s a reason shops are having issues getting components. Just keep shitting on truckers until there’s none left. That’s what is happening. Before you say it, I’ll head you off. I have tried to head this off IC. It’s useless. There’s not enough manpower on PD’s side, especially in low server pop times. I’ve reported this to PD at least several dozen times. I’ve even reached out to IC politicians. It doesn’t help. No one gives a shit. If this were happening in a real city, you’d be bringing the FBI down on you but we don’t have that here. It’s completely ridiculous. Carrying a weapon only leads to more problems in most cases. People already assume truckers carry a weapon as evidenced by the strip searches I get while getting robbed on shift in the middle of the road. Im not advocating for some special rule, but if this continues the way it is, you will run everyone out of trucking. It’s been slowly happening for weeks. Even general script stores are running out of components because truckers simply won’t go there. It’ll only get worse. Something has got to give either on an OOC or IC basis. It seems that both angles seem utterly useless right now.
  9. Yeah it’s always a hard issue to tackle. How do you turn a complete and total grind into something fun that rewards RP over quantity of deliveries? Something needs to be looked at because I’m the current state trucking is literally anti-fun. I’m not quite sure what to do yet. Have to do more thinking on it.
  10. Does this apply for the crate purchases as well? Pretty sure payment already went into bank. It’s the fact that truckers still have to carry cash to buy the crates.
  11. Long term I'd say the goal strictly for garages is to get them back to a point to where they can open for more than an hour a week because of the supply issue. Trucking is a huge undertaking and that needs to be looked at, but that's a much larger rework I think. 1) Decrease the amount of components used back to where they used to be or even lower so garages can stay open for a longer amount of time or be able to open up more than once a week. 2) Adjust how money is received from car modifications. Either reduce the price entirely across the board for all modifications or adjust how much is actually received by the shop and therefore dispersed to the mechanics. This will compensate for the fact that less components are needed and thus keep pay somewhat balanced (not too high, not too low). The short term goal is to get it where shops can actually open more often. The issue that is happening now is from a lack of supply (components being used too fast and in turn not being supplied by truckers fast enough) and the lack of open shops in general, resulting in the one shop who opens getting absolutely bombarded.
  12. Read my post above. It’s not that we need more garages. The trouble is that shops use too many components too quickly and the bigger issue is that getting components and then keeping components is a freaking hassle. With respect, your garage is really really close to the supply point. I had no issue delivering to you garage. It still remains the larger problem For most other places though that are farther from the supply point. The fact that barely any garages open, when one does open, it gets flooded as you’ve shown. If more shops were opening more often throughout the day, this wouldn’t be so much of an issue. The problem remains that shops aren’t getting enough components to open for any great length of time and when they do, it’s super stressful. There used to be a time where there were almost too many shops open. This issue of being SO flooded wasn’t always such a problem. I’ve also been a mechanic for a long time. It can get stressful. Worked in some great shops, worked in some bad ones. RP standard is not always held to a high standard though. I’ve worked at bad garages and reported some SHIT tier role play. The issue remains in the adjustments to component use, truckers simply not wanting to do the job because it is the very definition of anti-fun and then obviously what you mentioned. Being a mechanic is also hard. It’s a very unappreciative and stressful job. Your shop is a rarity for supplies because it’s so close to the supply point. It’s a very easy run. Everyone else, not so much.
  13. I don’t think this is going to solve the main issue. Player ran mechanic shops never used to be an issue. There was almost a time where there were too many shops open at one time. The two main issues: 1) Lack of supply: Truckers don’t want to do the job. It’s anti-fun. Robberies are just part of the issue, albeit a big part. The grind of the script literally rewards getting as many deliveries done as possible in the shortest amount of time with no reward to someone’s RP. 2) When there is a limited supply, components get used so quickly that only a few cars will make it through before the shop runs out. Trucking I understand is a larger undertaking but this problem has been building for a while. It’s very easy to get burned out. There’s no incentive to continue the job for any length of time besides people who enjoy grinding. People are just moving on to other things because of the frustration between constant robberies and non-rewarding roleplay. It’s not a sustainable job. It’s great that Nervous has adjusted the cash to bank payments, so that should help temporarily. However it’s just a bandaid to the larger problem with trucking. The Garage script should be looked at with regards to the use of components. They simply use too many and truckers obviously can’t keep up. I’m aware the components adjustment was an attempt to curb mechanic pay for the garage and the mechanics, but instead I think the prices of the car modifications should be lowered rather than the number of components being used. I’d even vote for turning component use even lower than it was before the adjustment. This will result in a similar goal in reducing the payments to the garage and mechanic, but now garages can stay open for longer with less components being used.
  14. The one shining point in this whole thing is the upcoming economy update. This will render a trucker's need for cash down to zero. Payments and crate purchases will both come from the bank. At the very least it will put an end to that part of the de-motivation as a trucker. It doesn't address the other issues, but its a step in the right direction. To be honest, the ranking system for trucking needs to be completely rethought.
  15. Hit the nail on the head. There's a reason there are less and less truckers. Trucking is literally anti-fun. No one wants to do it. It's already a really grindy job and then add this on top of it, people are tired of dealing with it. Combine this problem with the fact that shops consume 1.5 times the amount of components as they used to, you run into the bottleneck of shops not being able to open because of lack of components stemming from a lack of truckers wanting to do the job. This is the main problem. No offense to people advocating for turning this into a non-player job, but this is a heavy role play server. This justification could be used in just about any situation and boils down to why are we even on an RP server if we're going to just cut out all human interaction and NPC everything? This is almost as silly as suggesting something like, "I don't like bartender RP and I don't want to wait for a bartender to make my drink so I should just be able to come up and order it from a menu without any interaction." Get over it, we're here to RP and interact with other people. It's not meant to cater to just your version of fun. It's for everyone. The mechanic job has been a player-run job for a long time and it never used to be a problem besides the occasional shit-ran garage. No need to fix something that isn't the problem. Keep it as is and fix the main problem causing this issue as discussed above.
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