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  1. It is free to play, yeah. It just became open early access for everyone. It's available on Steam and Epic Store.
  2. I've Karin Everon available if you're interested.
  3. Not interested, thank you for the offer.
  4. Rockford, Vespucci, Vinewood and Downtown. It's a plus if it's with a garage.
  5. Looking for large sized apartments / houses in a decent area.
  6. Was there for a few minutes, was not attending the event, but it looked great. The mapping, arrangements and stuff was impressing. Good job with it. p.s dont mind the little john doe's complaining about fee
  7. Zayyy


    380 is the buyout, you are exceeding the buyout limit, so I will take that as you offered buyout. Will be sold to you for buyout, please email me your details. ((forum pm))
  8. Zayyy


  9. Zayyy


    Leading. Will be sold in 24 hours if no other bidder shows.
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