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  1. Just interested in better offers, or more likely the buyout.
  2. Raising bid value is now 10,000$.
  3. @Mike UCP related problem which occurs with 1.1 Tenants online status (last online x hours ago) list doesn't works Friendlist isn't working, even if your friend is online? It shows offline.
  4. Not interested. Still for sale.
  5. Short description: New features for facebrowser that would improve the quality of it for everyone, making it more user friendly when it comes to personal taste / posts. Detailed description: NSFW Tags/Posts A feature to have NSFW 'option' while uploading a picture, this feature is very useful if X user isn't interested to see NSFW pictures in his/her timeline. A user could also hide all posted which have the NSFW tag/option in them and so on. Spoiler Allowing a user to use spoiler feature in his pictures, this should be like facebook. It's pretty
  6. Hello, i'm buying Rebla GTS! If you have one for sale please email me with details.
  7. Currently leading with the highest bid.
  8. Leading the highest bid.
  9. It's in Perfect shape. Just the pictures were taken at night. Stock rims.
  10. Accepting trades if you have Albany VSTR!
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