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  1. Hello, i'm buying Rebla GTS! If you have one for sale please email me with details.
  2. Currently leading with the highest bid.
  3. It's in Perfect shape. Just the pictures were taken at night. Stock rims.
  4. Accepting trades if you have Albany VSTR!
  5. I have all rights to withdraw the vehicle from sale and will only accept the offers that I like. Coil Raiden Starting Price : 250,000$ Buyout : 360,000$ Registered & Insured Performance Kit Security No Turbo 940 Miles / Recently had maintenance
  6. Please bring vehicle /vstats on UCP. It should fit under the insurance stats.
  7. I think you need some time off from internet today, seriously mate. You are telling her to calm down but it seems like you are the one who really needs to calm down. She's not being toxic at all. You are pulling different meanings from her replies for no reason. She only stated valid points in her each post, you don't have to target people if you disagree with their points.
  8. Are you available in 30 minutes?
  9. 180,000$ - offering for the buyout.
  10. Damage synced for vehicles. Tired of ricers crashing and then say /b ohh you lagged for me, not sync, lez skippp
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