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  1. Don't kill the roleplay of people who prefer that side. A new section for those ads should do the trick instead of completely disallowing their ads.
  2. For some people, it's hard to spot GTA's default crosshair, so why not? It's not like GTAW has no crosshair and could be unfair if someone else has one, which is not the case
  3. Last pages are filled with 'illegal' roleplayers attacking people and being toxic over a video game, yes. That's what it is. I see that our beloved illegal roleplayers are calling out all the legal rp'ers mallrats... Okay, there's also one thing about the usual sexy looking mafia member. like guys stop, we all know how illegal side is, legal/illegal. doesn't really matters, we're all here to have fun. if theres anything wrong in legal / illegal rp thats happening, just report it and admins will figure smthn out.
  4. this was suggested before with very in-depth details, was rejected.
  5. yeah no. nervous already explained this why a few times before
  6. Maybe a better phone system before adding groupchats? Ringtones Texts Notification Sound > Better UI the whole phone script needs overhaul before adding new things to it. OT : Beacon sounds ok
  7. Property has been traded. L&A.
  8. Available once again, interior received complete overhaul. Don't comment here, email me with your offers, thank you. Note : No, it's not for sale, It's only availalbe for trade.
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