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  1. Username: Psyche Comment: I am quite disturbed by the position of the SAGOP as well, in concurrence with other users. You're supposed to want to work with the other side to compromise and come up with solutions that work for everyone. Sure, there will be some disagreements but drawing a line in the sand is not healthy for anyone. That's just bad politics, what you're doing. I have read the party platforms and there's not much difference between any of them, so I'm not sure what you're going to stand against.
  2. Kestalas

    No worries, the others got to it 🙂 Ultimately, I do hope that whoever is accepted by FM (from all parties), makes a requirement that these characters will be main characters. No alternates. I understand people have alternates, but I think the only way to make this work is as other people said, activity. Please make an active effort to require frequent activity, both in-game and out of game (FB, IC forum posts, communication, etc) from your staff.
  3. Kestalas

    Seriously looking forward to it. I love the idea of political RP.
  4. Kestalas

    I honestly haven't seen any specifics on what exactly they are running for, so I honestly don't know. Fairly certain they wanted representatives at the city level to represent specific districts around Los Santos as seen here: https://gov.gta.world/electedofficials " Members of the City Council are elected and represent the voices of their constituents who have entrusted their councillor with the future of our local community. " I could be 100% wrong, lol. Just going off of what I've seen so far. Makes more sense to establish it at the city level, considering we're only role playing in Los Santos. Maybe @Brett could provide some clarification since he handles some of the State level affairs. I'm not sure. Tagging @Mecovy too, since he's part of the Republican party and it's the first name that came to mind lol.
  5. Kestalas

    I'm fairly certain they are supposed to be city politicians, not even state level. So even more specific than that. What their policies will affect is the city of Los Santos / surrounding counties, not the entirety of San Andreas. Remember you have Los Santos, San Fierro, and Las Venturas which make up the state of San Andreas. I've already seen some party platforms talking about state-wide benefits which makes no sense. Please someone from the Government faction correct me if I'm wrong here.
  6. Kestalas

    I'm excited to see this progress. I wish you luck and I hope you stick with it. This server has just been waiting for a new avenue of RP to push it to the next step in its evolution. I feel this is definitely a great direction to be heading. Props to you.
  7. Kestalas

    This is not intended as criticism, just trying to really hash out what you're suggesting. If I'm an innocent bystander in a drive by shooting that gets shot several times (within the script I'm actually killed), where in real life this would 100% end my life, would this rule negate that fact and simply change the result of my death? You're saying that PK's are now attempted murders, which imply that they would still be alive. Please correct my understanding, if I'm misunderstanding that point. Let's say I'm crossing the road in a crosswalk and there is a police chase, when a car comes speeding through the intersection and barrels through my character's body at 60+ mph. This would no doubt leave me dead in the street, there's no way you could justify living through that. This PK would now simply be an attempted murder, where I actually don't die? Don't you feel that's pretty much powergaming?
  8. Kestalas

    Name: Anthony Comment: I won't join anything unless a party platform with specifics detailing your ideals, goals and plans to reach those goals is published first. I'm not a Republican or Democrat, for the record. Looking forward to reading it.
  9. Hopefully with the new CK reports rule, robberies will become a little better. People on the other side of the gun may be less reluctant to role play being Rambo and try to shoot their way out of it. The illegal players will become more careful (one would hope) in knowing that not valuing their life in that scenario could end up with their character being CK'd. I'm wishfully hoping for an improvement in quality on that front. We shall see. Stealing cars is something that I feel could be improved upon so much, obviously with some work. Maybe with the new Rage update some new suggestions can be made. I believe I saw something about improving the amount of streamable objects, which means people could leave their cars parked on the server without the server reaching its maximum streamable objects limits. I feel /vpark is 100% unrealistic to be completely honest. I see at is an OOC way to protect your vehicle from being stolen/found/seen/etc. In real life, people leave their cars parked in driveways, parking garages, etc. I've seen the argument that people can't "engage in the RP" of someone stealing their car if they've gone to bed at night or gone to work, etc. Last time I checked, people's cars stolen in real life happen whether you can "engage" in the situation or not. Measures are put in place to combat these things in the form of preventative measures or after-the-fact methods such as alarms, locks, anti-theft devices, insurance, police reports, GPS tracking, etc. I feel that there are limitations with the current RageMP client, but hopefully with these upcoming updates some new and improved features can be implemented to help spur this side of RP. Yes, yes, YES! Hit the nail on the head.
  10. I would definitely support some automation to this. I see boosted posts (as of 12:40 AM EST today) from 20+ days ago. I would support once a week, that's more than long enough for a boosted post. @Mitch As for your initial suggestion, I completely agree with these rules. Facebook and Instagram allow you to "boost" posts for advertisement from a group/business page. I don't believe you can boost posts from a personal page from either site, correct me if I'm wrong. So in comparison, I would agree that posts can only be boosted from a business or group page in relation to advertising events, promotions, products, services, etc.
  11. If I could give you a thumbs up on here, I would. Alas, I have run out of thumbs up for the day 🤣 so here 👍👍👍👍 I'm glad that you have opened the floor for this area, as it's something that is of interest to me. As of now, I concur with a question posed by others already. I would love to know if there will be more clarification for the field of general medical & mental health, i.e. people wanting to RP doctors, psychologists and even psychiatrists. Someone who wants to play a doctor or psychiatrist could obviously give out medicine prescriptions and such, opening up more avenues for people to RP getting treated, even abusing the medicine, etc. Psychologists can obviously provide mental health counseling/therapy and even coordinate with available psychiatrists and doctors for further treatment. There is a whole world of possibilities out there. There hasn't been really anything "official" for this field from the state/government level. There just doesn't seem to be much legislation/clarification on how one can go about operating within the legal bounds of San Andreas. I feel there should be more IC steps to take a route (state licensing requirements, exams, medical boards etc.) and become officially recognized by the state/city. Obviously I feel it has to start at the state level to lay out laws/rules for people to pursue these professions. Any plans to explore this area further from a legal standpoint to bring this avenue of RP to GTAW?
  12. Kestalas

    Just to clarify, were you referencing this video? https://streamable.com/hbdav 1) Night construction on a huge tower like that? Not likely, but I'll let that one go. 2) There were girls dancing on top of a flatbed (because that's realistic at a construction site right?) That's not a huge liability or anything to the company. 3) Workers drinking loads of beer on site. One even has a beer drinking hat on while wearing his work uniform. 4) One of them was literally in his underwear with a reflective vest and a hard hat. 5) Title of the video? I'm not sure how you can say this was a "work related" video with NPC's eating on their break lmao. That's just a bunch of crap 😂
  13. Kestalas

    Not sure why this has such a discussion. It's pretty simple. If you do something in Menyoo that didn't happen in-game, it's powergaming. Plain and simple. Take pictures and make yourself look less pixelated all you want, just keep it consistent with your GTAW in-game character and their actions.
  14. Perfect. That settles it for everyone lol. Thanks.
  15. Not defending it, but in this case I believe you are incorrect. In this setting, it's called age play. The point of laws regarding minors and sexuality is to protect the exploitation and abuse of minors. Two consenting adults pretending to be minor doesn't involve the exploitation or abuse of minors. If both people are over the age of 18 in real life, it's not illegal. When one of the people are under 18 and the other is over 18, that's where it becomes illegal. With a community like this, I would say it's probably safe to stay away from this kind of RP lol. Unless you want to go around asking for someone's real life ID to make sure both parties are over 18 before engaging in it. That's just my personal opinion.