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  1. Kestalas

    @St3fan[NL] ChatterPad ChatSquare
  2. Kestalas

    Username: Brody Personally, I don’t understand why a corporation that’s already involved in partnerships with other establishments is publicly reviewing businesses in the same market. You can claim all you want about not being biased, but the fact of the matter is you’re writing about businesses that compete in the same space with your own partnerships. That’s like asking the owner of Vapid to write an “honest” opinion of their experience at a Dinka dealership. There’s always going to be some bias towards your own products, as was evident in this piece. Correction or not, you shouldn’t be publicly reviewing these companies unless you’re an unbiased 3rd party without their hand in the cookie jar. If it is your business model to help improve these businesses through partnership, do it in that way, rather than going about it this way.
  3. Kestalas

    Found one. Thanks for the offers everyone.
  4. In the market for a new car, my budget is up to $100,000. If you have any offers, post them here or send me an email ((PM)). Thanks!
  5. Kestalas

    They let you have your phone in lockup? lol
  6. Kestalas

    @Keane Tagging as per your re-work of the rules ongoing. Just in case there is some sort of OOC influence to this. In my opinion, street racing would be addressed IC'ly by city laws established through the penal code. Have you checked the IC penal code? I'm not sure if it mentions anything specific, but the speed limits in different areas inside the city/county are definitely designated. Therefore, common sense dictates anything outside of that would be breaking the law. You can do it but obviously if you get caught, you're going to get a hefty ticket and/or get arrested for reckless driving. I know there is an emerging car scene where there are organized and sanctioned events carefully monitored through IC means (PD, FD, event organization through the city, etc). If you're looking for something like that, you could seek out those organizations.
  7. Kestalas

    I agree with Adero. The object itself is not illegal, as far as I'm aware. "Dismantling" a car is something that could be considered as legal, depending on how RP is approached. There are states, including California, where you can become a licensed "dismantler" or run a salvage yard. Yeah obviously you would have to OOC'ly use the "chop" script, but it's not out of the realm of possibility that it could be RP'd legally. Generally it's old cars or cars that have not passed a smog check, etc. so maybe a set of guidelines could be established (certain mileage, length of time owned, etc.) that would make sense for the server. Could also provide an incentive for someone to scrap a car this way through a player owned salvage yard. Maybe this way it gives 30-35% instead of the 20% to OOC'ly use the /vscrap function. This creates more RP and everyone wins 😁
  8. Kestalas

    And here... we... go 👍👍 good stuff guys.
  9. Kestalas

    Username: Mister Lee Comment: I understand what you're saying in charging less for a lower profit margin in the hopes that people buy more drinks, but the average clubber isn't going to buy 4, 5, and 6 drinks to make it worth while. $200 for a spirit is not out of the ordinary, considering the cost at which they can be bought at from a supplier. Also take into account the cost for security, inside staffing, etc. These things cost money. You're exaggerating that particular issue quite a bit more than necessary.
  10. Kestalas


    Lock & Archive please.
  11. Kestalas


  12. Kestalas


    Lock & Archive please.
  13. Kestalas

    100% in support of removing the /call feature for insurance. I think the thinking there was convenience, especially for the dealership out in Sandy. However I definitely think this is abused more often than its worth. The drive from Sandy to the DMV takes what, 5-10 minutes maybe? Big deal. If I were PD, I’d hate this feature lol.
  14. Kestalas

    Completely agree. There should be a standard here created for what each party generally should be following. You’re not going to see Democrat’s wanting loose gun regulations and vice versa for Republicans. Democrat’s favor larger government presence over Republicans who favor less, etc. I shouldn’t see parties that are named one thing and go against everything they stand for in their real life counterparts just to pander to the citizens of Los Santos. That undermines any credibility this budding political RP could provide. By the way I’m not pointing fingers at any particular person, I’m speaking in a general sense for the overall health of what could be some pretty interesting political RP. I’m all for it. Good luck to all parties. Please do it right.