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  1. This offer was withdrawn, can be archived.
  2. A recently renovated top floor apartment on Palomino Avenue for sale, very close to a bank as well as a hardware shop, 24/7 and much more. The apartment is available for viewing. Asking price: - Contact: - Exterior INTERIOR, whole album
  3. Looking for Obey Tailgater, preferably without any exterior modifications.
  4. Could we arrange a viewing, please? If you're interested, leave me a private message.
  5. Leave me a message if viewing is possible, would like to see it in person and consider the purchase of the property if still available.
  6. The property was just sold. Can be L&A'ed.
  7. Offering a freshly renovated, cozy apartment in Little Seoul, located on Ginger Street in Dream Tower. Visitation of the apartment is recommended before putting up a bid, all bids must remain public. Any bids under the amount of the starting bid will be ignored. Starting Bid: $200,000 Current Bid: N/A Minimum increasement: $5,000 Bid closing date: N/A EXTERIOR: N/A INTERIOR: N/A
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