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  1. i found the server after having been out of rp for 5/6 years specifically because i wanted to do lcn rp again and ended up in martorano for 2 years. i had a good time for the most part and i met some of the better roleplayers i've met in the very long time i've been doing this... and also some of the worst. even though i only joined the server for lcn rp, i don't think i'd ever be able to do it again in this setting. it just doesn't feel right. the only lcn that should be allowed on the server (imo) is a faction that's gonna portray a small, weak, mostly irrelevant organisation who's trying to fit in with the crowd rather than dominate it and very few people would want to do that. the stigma comes from people who are more interested in the latter, the people who want to rp being straight from new york and rp lcn like it's da gool ol days. there's definitely a place for lcn on the server, just not the lcn from the 90s.
  2. fuck spending 94 hours to get to max in wrath
  3. grats @road...... nobody more committed than u
  4. If anybody tryna grind arenas this season on eu hmu
  5. lots of memories were made good run boys n girls
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