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  1. Pot-Heads Seafood Restaurant is located on Bay City Avenue in the Vespucci Canals. Offering only the finest, freshest seafood, our customers are guaranteed to enjoy their time with us. Our establishment was made for those who want a little more class with their meals; maybe you're looking for the perfect place to have your first date? Or maybe you're a company looking to host a business conference over dinner? Our unique design and one of a kind menu allows us to cater to all such needs. We have decided to do set opening times which is something rarely seen within the city of Los Santos. This allows us to offer a unique service: table reservations. Are you in a rush and don't want to wait around to be seated at an appropriate table? Or maybe you just want to arrive in style? For a small fee of $200 per person your party will be seated immediately, cutting out the hassle that sometimes comes with walking into a newly opened restaurant. Opening times: Wednesday, 8-9:30pm Saturday, 8-9:30pm Of course there will be other openings too, but this is just for those who like to be a little more organised. If you would like to forgo the reservation and walk-in, that is fine also. We hope to see you soon! Reservation Form ((Post below)) Name: How many in your party: What day would you like to book: Did you transfer the fee to the business bank account? ((03000472)):
  2. sold to the guy above x
  3. If there's no other bids by tomorrow it's yours.
  4. I'm selling a luxurious apartment in the heart of Vinewood. Two bedrooms, one bathroom. There's another room that could potentially be used as a third bedroom, but I personally found other uses for it. You could use it for whatever your heart desires. A nice, quiet lobby; no need for elevators, which I know is a must for some people. The phobia is real. Minimum bid is 200k. If I get a good offer I'm willing to close immediately. I just want it done! Pictures are here.
  5. posting same screens? forget about it!
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