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  2. not the sort of guy ud want to bump into in a dark alley
  3. This all day. People have different roleplay styles. Some people see it as telling a story, where you'd want to put forward why your character reacts a certain way, and some people see it as a movie, wherein they want to leave everything open to interpretation. Both are just as valid as one another, and doing either one doesn't make you a bad roleplayer. What makes a bad roleplayer is acting on something done in a /me, rather than the person writing the /me in the first place. Though I do agree that it's common courtesy to shorten your lines as much as possible in a busy setting where it's difficult to see what people are writing.
  4. Insane. You guys make me proud to a part of this faction.
  5. This thread follows the developments of Carmine Alessi.
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