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  1. Alright, I'll be selling the apartment to you. Contact me on 57153. (( @First Off - I'm available from 12 to 21 server time. ))
  2. Selling! A beautiful two bedroom apartment in La Puerta, close to Vespucci Canals! You have a nice view towards the docks with a balcony to chill on. Trades are also acceptable but not preferred. Starting bid: $350,000 Buyout: Highest bid Automatic buyout: $500,000 (( OOC information of the property. )) Property pictures. Interior and exterior.
  3. Yes please, make it an /ame for ringing AND when you receive a text! For ringing it would be something like "/amy phone begins to ring." and for text "/amy phone receives a notification." Now.. if the phone is silent, this line should be for calls "/amy phone vibrates." and for texts "/amy phone buzzes a couple of times." - or something similar. An option to make your phone silent should be implemented for this suggestion to work fully as intended.
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