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  1. It’s pretty cringey, but I honestly think there’s better uses of staff time than slapping people like this.
  2. Grats @Dugs- been a while coming!
  3. @[email protected]@[email protected] Respect to the new guys, and big up to the rising star @RETR0!
  4. Only reason I hate interacting with F.D., or the hospitals is - as the OP stated. I have no fucking idea what I'm being asked 90% of the time. And sometimes, people get pretty upset if you give them a weird / wrong answer. I'm not a fuckin' paramedic, I'm not a doctor - I've no idea what half the things I get asked in /do or /b are/mean. So I basically drive like an elderly person now, because I don't want to risk a chance-bump leading to a 3 hour session of Medical RP that I have no fucking idea what's going on in. I sit there AFK half the time, watching a show or whatever, and just pretend like I have any idea what they're talking about / doing. I could be shitting out of a bag IC by the end of it, and would have no idea. At least, that's been my experience thus far. I haven't had a huge amount of time in the hospital, but the 2-3 times I have been, or even just in accidents.. I've been sat wishing it was over. Because like the OP says, it's all backwards. Why are the people who should know these things, asking us? Just ask the user something like, "How much time do you have?" Or, "Are you OK if this is a bit gruesome?" Or whatever it may be, and take it from there.. Don't ask me a half dozen questions, I don't know the answer to man.
  5. Keep RPing, find people you feel comfortable taking feedback from and just try experimenting a bit. I was really fortunate when I first started, back in like 2009 when a guy I met took me under his wing as basically his retarded little brother and explained the basics to me. Oh, and reading helps too - building up your vocabulary / seeing how real writers create characters and things can really up peoples’ perceptions. I’m still far from the best RPer in the world, but I’d hope that I’ve improved exponentially in the time since I first started RPing.
  6. I mean, I basically did this when I was in jail anyways, because I wanted out as soon as possible. Not because I enjoyed prison RP. 90% of the time you're just sat around a table with some guys from your ethnic group, doing random emotes to make the time tick by. That, or people are killing each other because somebody sat at the wrong table, or whatever. Admittedly, I don't find prison RP all that engaging - but this rule, I don't think's really going to effect anyone, since - I feel like most people probably login anyways, just to get out faster and to get back to whatever they were doing.
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