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  1. (( The buyer turned out to be an exploiter, thus the sale has been reversed. The auction continues again. No need to archive for now. ))
  2. Apologies for the abrupt closure of the auction to all the bidders. If by chance there is still any interest, feel free to bid again, otherwise this may be ignored. Bidding open again. (( @Gamble @Phallanx @Jura @Nelli @Beatrix )) The auction officially ends on Monday at 3PM.
  3. First house from the end facing the Vespucci Beach, less than a minute walk to the fine Vespucci boardwalk. Ample parking space for up to three vehicles & a balcony for the master bedroom with a delightful view. Spacious backlot - ideal for BBQ and small-time parties / gatherings. Fully furnished interior with - Spacious living room & kitchen, 1 Master Bedroom w/ balcony, 2 Bedrooms & 2 Bathrooms. Current bid is 1.5m, buyout set at 2m. Auction will end Wednesday at 6PM. Note: The owner reserves the right to end the auction, or cancel the sale for any reason whatsoever. The buyer may withdraw bid at any point desired as well. (( OOC Note - Furniture worth is 165k, and the MP is 450K. . ))
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