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  1. Hey, looking to buy an Argento! Has to be in mint condition. Call me - 1912.
  2. Snowy

    [4Sale] Obey Argento

    Brembo performance breaks, ECU chip, Turbos. Also the most advanced anti-theft on the market.
  3. Looking to sell my Obey Argento, mint condition, roof box and a lot of performance mods. Taking Offers above 400 grand. Number:1912 Cheers.
  4. Well, I can tell for a fact that Wigwam have been allowed to be used as a bar and to have a blackjack table by PM.
  5. Well then I assume we should delete more than half of the cafés, juice bars and everything else then? Since it's a lot of them that are in the wrong lore locations aswell?
  6. Maybe you have, I haven't. However that wasn't even the point of my argument. I don't see anything wierd with someone buying a business and change it, especially if the PM team agrees.
  7. What makes you think the place even started out as a fastfood joint on gta w? Considering how long the mapping have been there, and the script for the business I'm pretty sure that it's made to be a fancy restaurant / bar here. I get the argument that everyone is serving beer and stuff, but honestly there's cafés open at lore gym locations, restaurants at café spots which is the same. And since you can't remap the outside of the business, I think it's unavoidable to have interiors that doesn't match the exteriors signs and so on, which is okay in my opinion, as far as the size matches.
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