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  1. Best way to pass time during zoom classes!
  2. Wow, my neighbor. I'd like to offer 1.8!
  3. Furniture system, I'm also from SAMP and used to every int looking the same. It really adds to the RP/char portrayal
  4. Matrix affects me to this day. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
  5. Back after a couple months on LOA, doing weird stuff as usual.
  6. Hey, after a long discussion in discord about this topic. I decided to make a Strawpoll to find out once for all! I couldn't do a forum poll as there's more than 20 "active/known" clubs. I'd like the decision to be based on the overall roleplay experience that you had there, how well the mapping fits the building and the area! Everything basically! And yeah, I've probably missed a lot of clubs on this list, if so mention it and I'll add them!
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