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  2. Robbing has and always will be an issue. I've seen some robberies take place on my character which were in-depth and the searches were role-played quite well. This I don't have an issue with if it's realistic and there's an area that isn't populated which they RPly wouldn't be spotted. The sub-par robberies have to have repercussions or else they'll keep occurring. Anything that involves low quality searching, shooting on site, etc. A precedent must be set in order to scare off re-offenders.
  3. So you make a forum account for each character? Damn dog that's tuff wish I could be like you, seems like you got too much of free time to do that for every character y'know? If that's what your forum account for why are you here in this section dog? Go back to your character thread if that's what your forum account was dedicated for, want a map? Plus, because foos go wild
  4. why name it something else if that's what it's for? Foo bangin
  5. Sorry I'm a boomer, but not enough to name my forum account after my character.
  6. imagine using "elitist" as in insult in 2020
  7. It's Foo bangin* Small B letter, now I feel offended dog how dare you write my name wrong? Can you make me a faction? I wanna be elite though, or a meme lord idk
  8. It's pretty easy to get in the discord just go ahead and open a faction. It's hardly an elite thing to be in there everyones a giant meme lord. Sorry if you got insulted Mr Foo Bangin 😭 This should very much be a leadership vote, as the leaders of factions will be the ones effected the most and who it matters to the most. The rest is a trickle down experience.
  9. No, although it is seen in houses, it is mostly seen elsewhere.
  10. marrone... we musta have a sit down, eh?
  11. Delete the door and place the same variant (or another) and then put a lock.
  12. You're talking like this is a matter of illegal faction leaders only and those who lead factions are the only ones with the right to vote for this suggestion. Excuse my youngster comment, big dog who's elite enough to be in the faction leaders' discord
  13. https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/dark-reader/eimadpbcbfnmbkopoojfekhnkhdbieeh This will save your eyes until a real dark theme comes into existence.
  14. Hello from your favorite O'Doyle. The apartment I recently purchased came without a door on the bathroom. So, I bought a door and moved it into place but it wouldn't open/close. Help on Discord said I needed to but a doorlock and install that. I did that, and now I can lock and unlock the door but it still won't open/close. Not sure if I'm supposed to set some sort properties on the door or something. As always, I appreciate any help.
  15. something like this should be implemented
  16. This, I think the focus could also be shifted because it’s easy to identify a good robbery from a bad one. If someone pulls up with a 3 word /me out of nowhere you know it’s going to be trash. You can instantly see when a robbery was planned, and when the participants are looking to roleplay with you for more than it takes to just get assets. Make cheap robberies reportable and punishable. Much like how you need to justify the killing when you kill someone, we could have a rule where the victim can ask the robber why they’re being robbed. And that answer could be used to hold people to a standard. It helps differentiate the bad from the good, and directly target the bad. It works for deathmatching so perhaps it could work for robberies too.
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