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  1. A former staff member holding this view is insane. Really telling about the current situation. This is really how most civilian/mallrat members of the community or staff look at illegal RP, in a dismissive, disrespectful and demeaning manner. I guess people wearing ski masks like they literally do IRL is wrong but lesbian mechanic PF gun totting cat eared wearing super car car club members is the epitome of realism. I can't even fucking believe you really just said that. Imagine how many players that Mj2002 has dealt with as a staff member and Mj's apparent view on something as simple as wearing a fucking ski mask is apparently not realistic or wrong. I'm not talking about staff as a whole, I'm talking about you. The clear bias and dismissive POV is clear here. There's nothing wrong with people wearing ski masks. There is something wrong with civilian RPers who have never even been to the US trying to talk down on American illegal RPers who are portraying something EXACTLY how it is irl. And don't give me that this aint 1:1 BS, I understand when it comes to guns. But a fucking item of clothing? Nah dawg. Ski masks aren't the problem. The problem is people on their high horse like you judging ppl for something that isn't even wrong and then taking action based on your biases. This is fucking INSANE that you just said that. I'm literally mind blown.
  2. How the fuck is rape, school shootings and terrorism even remotely correlated to wearing a fucking ski mask as a fashion statement. It's not only in the US either this is really big in both Canada and the UK as well as probably other spots in Europe. So this isn't even one of those situations where all the Americans are trying to tell the Europeans/foreigners how it is, this is basically an established fashion statement in the West as a whole or at least US, UK and Canada. I don't see what's the problem about people wearing masks. I wish you civilian RPers would stop making these passive aggressive posts where yall rant about your hatred about illegal RPers, black people and ppl that dont like to wear fucking cat ears. Guess what? This is somebody who lived in Los Angeles for almost 3 years and has lived in multiple major cities in the US (DC, Vegas, Columbus, ATL) telling you exactly how it is IRL. I don't know where you're from. But just because YOU think something is dumb or don't understand it doesn't mean it's unrealistic. Not being rude here but who the fuck made you guys the judge of what's allowed and what's not. Why are you guys always trying to micromanage RP. Do you see illegal RPers making threads every week about how you guys like to drive around with your neon lit hot pink super cars and get in shootouts wearing cat ears cuz u have a PF? Just say you hate illegal RPers and go.
  3. Bro. Anybody saying that people don't wear masks like this IRL must not live or have ever been to any major city in the US. Yall have DEFINITELY never been to Los Angeles IRL if you've never seen somebody wearing a ski mask. People were wearing ski masks even before pooh shiesty and cuz of covid. Add in that it's a big fashion thing now, especially in the music industry. Los Angeles is the biggest music capital nationally even more than NY or ATL. Plus it's apart of ppls streetwear and just in fashion rn. AND niggas/latinos/whites in hoods all over the US are wearing them too. This shit and the covid shit has made the last 2 years some of the best and most profitable years from criminals. 1. Because everybody is masked up, so u being masked and concealing ur face isn't weird or makes u stand out in a crowd 2. Covid relief fund fraud, some of which involves the scammer or their worker going in person to a place/ATM. Easier to get away w/ it w/ a mask 3. Wearing ski masks has become normalized and is a fashion statement in US culture now. So wearing a ski mask isn't probable cause in a lot of cities. Anybody saying it isn't realistic literally has 0 idea what they're talking about and has never been to US in the last 2 - 3 years.
  4. This but idk how that would work. They would have to break pistol ammo and rifle ammo down into actual different calibers, instead of just being pistol ammo then turning into what ever it is depending on the gun u put it in.
  5. Yeah the rifle damages are insane. Granted I'm sure this is just testing and not the finished product. But this is going to make shootouts last like 5 - 10 minutes. .22, .380, 9mm, 40 - These could do something like 13 - 17 damage .45, 5.56, 7.62 - These need to be doing like 25+ at least. One 7.62 to the chest is enough to kill somebody. Obv we can't do 1:1 damage but this is like nerf bullets. Like I said I'm sure it's still just in testing and aint the final product but just sum shit to consider.
  6. Bunch a bustaz, dropouts and weeniez homie. Don’t think we forgot what u chavalas did to our carnal Cheyenne. Nancy Flores got a thing or two coming her way homeh. Saludos de Cheyenne.
  7. I mean from the staff's POV, it just ain't worth it. There's so much shit they'd have to micromanage and so much bureaucracy, it'd probably just end up tying them down.
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