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RAGE Multiplayer 1.1 | Modding Guide!

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[GUIDE] RAGE Multiplayer 1.1 & 0.3.7 - Root Modding
By Sterren

RAGE Multiplayer has been working on their latest version (1.1) and it's release is closer than ever, but what does this mean for modding? Nothing it won't change our ways of modding! 

Both these methods of modding your root, and addon modding will be possible with both versions of RAGE, (1.1 & 0.3.7) please read the topic thoroughly, as well the warnings. I am not responsible for you breaking your game! Though you can always ask if there's solutions to your issue in this topic!

1. Root Modding
Root Modding is modifying the files in your main game directory, ensure that you have your game backuped at all times!

  Make sure you have these installed!

• OpenIV.com
• https://gtaforums.com/topic/871168-affix-fix-your-rpf-archives-and-work-without-openiv/
• https://forum.gta.world/en/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=18007

⚠️ WARNING! Always backup your game files! Not everything is ensured to work flawlessly and some mods simply won't work! I am not responsible for you breaking your game files. Also, modloader is not SUPPORTED.
Be aware! This method only works for the Steam & Epic Games version! If using the Epic Games version, ensure that your auto-update is unchecked!

1. First time opening OpenIV
Open your OpenIV, if this is the first time using OpenIV, it's basically a file explorer to modify your GTA 5 with. follow it's steps to assign your GTA 5 folder.
Should look like this once finished:


2. Follow the instructions of the mod you want to install

I am not gonna instruct you how to install your mod, the mod you've downloaded instructs you on how to install it. Follow the mods instruction of installation TIP enable edit mode in OpenIV, do not use any automated installations such as OIV's, sometimes a modder explains to you the usage of a mod folder, these folders do not work with RAGE Multiplayer, any modloader / .asi file does not work!
What you do have to take note of is how many .RPF's are in your path of installation a RPF looks like this.



3. Final Step, ARCHIVEFIX your .RPF's!

This is the most important step if you are using the Root Modding method! Ensure that all .RPF files in the modified path are archivefixed! This means if you have modified a .RPF inside of another .RPF make sure that you archivefix the one inside of the RPF first!!!

So make sure you archive fix in this order <- there could be multiple RPF's in your path!


Video Instruction

⚠️ WARNING! Always backup your game files! Not everything is ensured to work flawlessly and some mods simply won't work! I am not responsible for you breaking your game files. Also, modloader is not SUPPORTED.

⚠️ WARNING! GTA V updates can and will break your mods, ensure to keep your files near you to re-do the installation if this does occur!

⚠️ WARNING! RAGE Multiplayer 1.1 does not support DLCPacks in your main game folder! Only supports those in your client-resources folder! Read the Addon Mods section for more information!

⚠️ TIP: If your mod isn't working, and it displays a default texture that means you might've installed it in the wrong patchday folder, use the OpenIV search functionality to find the texture files you want to replace, they could appear in multiple Patchday folders!

 ⚠️ TIP: I've noticed the increase of people with the error ERR_GEN_INVALID, this often is the result of not patching all the .RPF files in the modified path, ensure that you've archive-fixed all .RPF files that you've made adjustments too

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Removed a small segment about addon mods
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You can also use the search tab to find out where the original file is located, for example:




Right: Original RPF file where the file is located.



But this mod contains many files, some of them are located in the same RPF but in different folders.

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I learnt some times ago that I need to archivefix every .rpf, not just the main one. For example, in one of the x64 rpf there's gonna be a vehicle.rpf, I had to export the vehicle.rpf and archive fix those too, and archive fix the x64.

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