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  1. Reading other posts and thinking about how the system was on LSRP I do not think this change is needed. Yes, maybe pin them and make them “official” but I don’t think they should get extra perks and control everything.
  2. Why is it that you guys cry over everything? It’s a game. Have fun. There’s some snow. Stop crying.
  3. Congratulations to the discord homie @effion
  4. Best of luck.
  5. There's more that can be sold at pawn shops than just those items. Stolen phones, stolen jewelry and many other things.
  6. Good to see you guys back alive.
  7. Soon enough the mall rats will be pulling up with their gang of purple and blue haired friends and shooting at everyone with rifles. Some heavy regulation will have to be done for this to not to turn out bad. A different kind of license may be needed.
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