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  1. This thread follows the story of Frank Sorrentino, a military veteran and former Los Santos Police Officer.
  2. If you want to gamble safely without the chance being robbed, gamble legally and use a casino. There have been many times illegal poker games have been robbed in real life so I don't see why it is such an issue.
  3. @Pádraig its about time... maddone...
  4. best LCN faction in the server keep it up
  5. Absolutely not. This would never work and give the opportunity for the victim to metagame to any extent. Telling someone they're going to be kidnapped before they're going to be kidnapped obviously will give the person an advantage against you and an upper hand in the situation. If you feel like someone kidnaps you for a stupid reason, report them.
  6. Username: Rudy Comment: DA Cromwell is an amazing person and is the only person in Los Santos who cares about our Italian American community. First, crooked Sheriff Joseph Cline and the goons at the Sheriff’s Department tried to take civil rights activist Marty Pisano off the street then he had Italian American businessman Peter Conti assassinated. It’s time to drain the swamp and take out the real crooks!
  7. From my internal knowledge of working on the law side of this project as the faction leader of JSA I believe this was happening, but best to be answered by the developer himself, @Strobe
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