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  1. Congratulations @dawpi @cxn @Lomadias @delanto
  2. Username: Shah of Iran Comment: I'm tired of turning on the news every day to the same racist narrative being spread by the Los Santos News Network. Liberal media is trying to corrupt our society and our children! Italians are one of the hardest working ethnicities in the city. #BoycottLSNN
  3. this will be the correct link that will give you the specifics, posted the wrong one @AdamZZ
  4. A person cannot character kill you unless they have your permission (such as you giving your faction ck perms, you mess up ic and they kill you), you for example are in a police pursuit and with 20 cops aimed at you, you pull a gun out with no regard to your life and shoot at them, would probably constitute a CK. Or, you can apply to CK a certain person here and it will be reviewed by administrators. In order for a person to be CKed it has to fall under one of these things. https://forum.gta.world/en/forum/800-submit-your-ck-application/ If the person who was killed didn’t have a CK application accepted, or fell under the criteria above or a CK faction war then it would be a regular PK.
  5. Coming from someone who was mainly an illegal roleplayer most of their time roleplaying on other servers it’s nice to see that the team is collecting and listening to feedback from the entire illegal faction community rather than select groups. It’s nice to see transparency, more stuff like this is definitely a good thing, props for the team for organizing it and sharing the data and responses.
  6. mattmocz

    Drug List

    You should be able to view the list here again.
  7. I think it would be a good addition to the server if it had rules in place regarding the type of crime that could happen there.
  8. I personally don’t think it’s a good idea to prevent someone from playing their character for 24 hours because someone killed them for any possible reason. People should already roleplay adequate fear of PKed and if they aren’t they should be reported.
  9. This should be pinned. Good guide for those to find what they need.
  10. Keep up the good screens @Parallel
  11. Username: Rocky Comment: Los Santos must now be rated the #1 city in the country for anti-Italian discrimination. End Anti Italian Discrimination!
  12. We need Justice for Martin Pisano! #EndItalianHate
  13. It’s a video game. If someone has to get up and go away for a few minutes for whatever reason I’ve never had an issue with this. Sure, it may be annoying at times, but I think you’re blowing it well out of proportion.
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