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  1. Great roleplay come from these boys, very interesting.
  2. Franelli is the real one
  3. go buy a mining license, work abit and then talk to me if it will be available, kiddo.
  4. Oracle XS - coming with a Turbo modification as well as a full black tint and rims, price - 40,000$ not negotiatble, very low price. Karin Futo coming with a Turbo and rims as well as tint, price - 50,000$, negotiatble. Mule, capacity 100k - 40,000$
  5. Still active, if you don't offer anything above 47,000$, don't bother posting.
  6. Karin Futo- Dealership price is 55,000$ Wanted price - 50,000$.
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