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  1. Click the button below to add ✓ Worldlink to your server Now available to everyone. After successfully running for around a week in around six different GTA World servers, it seems like a utility that some sever-owners find use in. This tool is now available for free (obviously). Want it custom-tailored to your server with a message, images or want the source code? ✓ Worldlink will be hosted for free, forever by myself and maintained to a small degree, however, if you want a custom-tailored version for your server then contact me via Discord on Katie#2191. Be aware that you will be given the source files and expected to host the bot yourself if you request a tailored version. This also means you will not be connected to the main database of linked users so users can not use the ease-of-access auto-link service if they have already linked elsewhere. But the poll was negative, why release? There simply was not enough respones to gauge, I had 6 servers contact me to use ✓ Worldlink in their community and 4 people clicked 'No' on using ✓ Worldlink on the poll. Simply put, those who wish to use it contacted me and ignored the poll whereas those who didn't, used the poll. The results ended up being useless.
  2. Introduction A small prologue, I write Discord Bots for servers on an individual basis and recently I was working on a very simple bot that allows you to link your Discord and Forum Account quickly and easily — ✓ Worldlink. The server owner wanted a way for their users to have a linked forum account and have the system automated so that they didn't have to manually ensure everyone was correctly linked. So the purpose of ✓ Worldlink was for server owners to have a clean way of checking Discord user is who on the forum and UCP. Approval This Discord Bot is neither endorsed or officially supported by GTA World. It has been mentioned to Nervous and they have stated they have no current issue with the bot nor with me posting this thread in showcase of it, or with the potential public release of it. However, this isn't to say it's approved by Nervous—just simply that they've been made aware of it and the fact that it views profiles for codes and that they have no current issue with it. What does Worldlink do? As seen in the image below, ✓ Worldlink allows server owners to set roles up that are given to users once they link their Discord and Forum Account. Server owners can then see which users are linked to what forum account to better enforce in their communities. It blocks unauthorized users who do not use World or the Forums from accessing certain parts of your server, etc. Is it easy for users? See for yourself in the example below. It takes literally two easy steps for a user to verify and once the user has verified once then they will never have to do it ever again even in new Discords. It'll be a 1-click verification for newer Discords once a user has verified. This takes as little as 30 seconds. Is it safe and do I have to be worried about my privacy? ✓ Worldlink is incredibly safe as it only requires permissions it needs to run, ✓ Worldlink does not require Administrator. And, even better; This bot requires no permissions to reading, viewing or accessing messaging and their content. When inviting the bot it will ask for no permissions relating to your messages and any Discord Developer or Bot Developer will be able to confirm without seeing its code that it completely respects your privacy. This bot only requires permissions to be able to see a single channel which is its verification channel, and even then; it still does not request permissions to read messages making it impossible for anybody to do so. Is it available to use right now? Yes and No... — this was supposed to be a single-server bot and I've expanded it to be public. For anyone who is genuinely interested, message me on Katie#2191 or reply to this thread with your Discord tag and you can become an experimental tester and have access to using the bot in your servers before release. Yes! See the blue button below.
  3. this was always the silliest concept, you're not paying enough so we're going to kill you and gaurantee we get no money. extortion just seems like a lazy way to strong-arm legal characters into illegal roleplay and kill them, continue to escalate and eventually use fear-rp which is notorious for getting ck's whilst ignoring the fact the other side didn't fear-rp police, etc. its not as if they use it as a message to their other businesses which would make sense? maybe it's deterrent, but most of them will do it privately and not mention it again so there goes that excuse not hating on illegal chars, just some of the extortion roleplay happening
  4. Hiring only 1 individual. Applications open until candidate found. How to apply for this position Please email [email protected] ((Forum Conversation)) directly with the following template provided below. Subject: Firstname Lastname - Letter of Interest for PA First Name: Last Name: Date of Birth: Experience (If any): Address: Past Occupations (Role Titles is fine): When are you available for interview? (Include 1 weeks worth of availability):
  5. I've never understood the fancination or roleplay AdmireMe provides or been interested in it, but I'll just say I find it ironic for someone to have the opinion of, if you're not having fun you're doing something wrong whilst also being unable to comprehend that someone enjoys a video game a different way than you? It has no baring on you. AdmireMe is referenced in-character, some of them (I assumed based on response) roleplayed in-character, paid in-character, and so on. At what point is somebody contributing time OOC be it through IC faction forums, Courts, etc—contributing? If your opinion was that you don't like that kind of contribution, it'd make more sense than you lacking the ability to comprehend the possibility that somebody enjoys it, and that—many people seem to do also if they're bothering to interact with, or pay for such. People like it or not, the server acknowledges this is valid roleplay by monetizing, hosting and moderating Facebrowser.
  6. This may only be an opinion but it's not a good one. People shouldn't be making characters that don't step foot on the server, correct. But plenty of completely valid roleplay is done off-server. Legal faction forums, certain jobs like Graphic Design have a whole lot of off-server work and are sold in-game, despite the work not being done on-server. Legal battles, criminal courts, etc—all done on forums and out of the game. They require aspects of the game, correct—but so does Menyoo as long as it's roleplayed correctly. Advocating for something to be invalid just because it wasn't ingame is a silly opinion as it adds restrictions on more than just posing bs. And? Who cares, what are you gate-keeping from them exactly here? That they find x more enjoyable than y? If it's done correctly, so-be-it.
  7. Summary of the suggestion After a genuinely frustrating experience with the design of your /property-requests/request I cannot help but make a suggestion for you to change or fix it. Specifically the Shop Menu requests is the worst culprit I've personally dealt with but it's programming is genuinely frustrating to use. Distinguishing the issue To understand my issue with your design we need to identify one so there's no confusion. There are two types of input boxes that your requests use for the modal of requests. The first type allows for all formatting and looks like this, the second allows limited formatting and looks like this. From now on I will refer to this box as "the better input" and this one as "the worse input" The actual issue For some reason throughout your requests web-design instead of using the better input for all of your requests you use a mix of two, one of which allows complete freedom with formatting and the other allows for practically none. The issue is that the worse input is terrible and is a literal nightmare to use. It is commonly only used as Additional Notes so it's somewhat barable but for some reason for certain requests like Shop Menu Requests you've decided to use it as both additional notes and the main input box. The reason this is an issue: It breaks paragraphs, literally. If you try to put paragraphs it'll just break it all down into one big chunk of text. Why...? It's "Preview" is terrible and isn't synonymous of that word at all because when you actually post your request is completely different to the preview The "Preview" stage of the entire request is botched too, it shows you what looks like a reasonably formatted request only to then completely wreck all your formatting when you post it It's not even a rich text-editor Using "Full Screen Mode" for some reason just goes all white and looks terrible Suggested Fix Just remove the worse input box and only use the better one throughout your requests. This is an easy solution to solve this silly issue. But in the Deomstation it doesn't look too bad? Yes, because in my brief example I use a total of five lines. Actual applications can be hundreds of lines and it's genuinely frustrating. I spent ages outlining an application only to be able to find out after its posted that the formatting was all for nothing, it was completely trashed and the worst thing is you can't see this until it's actually posted. I've never had this issue Some people may have avoided this issue entirely because they've never made a Shop Menu Request or simply didn't format their stuff and left it as a big block of text but undoubtibly, if you've used this worse input box or made a Shop Menu Request then you've experienced it. If you tried to make paragraphs, etc - it just doesn't allow them. It's so insanely silly. The preview button doesn't preview anything. Demonstation of the issue This is what I typed into the worse input box This is the preview This is the preview stage of the application This is the actual application
  8. Being poor and not owning a vehicle isn't good roleplay. Having the assets you do/do not have make sense to your potrayal, backstory and character is good roleplay. To look at a players assets or lack of and make a judgement without knowing their portrayal or backstory is just being bias against their choice of community to roleplay in (illegal, rich, etc). Roleplay doesn't come for nothing, you can never expect someone to simply be interested in a character because they're homeless or rich or a criminal. Homeless or not, you need a solid character and interesting roleplay and to make an effort — then they'll come. It's more difficult when you're homeless but that's just because of how homelessness works ingame and out, if you choose to have a character in a limiting niche you can't then question why everyone not in that niche is not interested in the character. Roleplay speaks for itself.
  9. Closing Notes and how to reach out As part of our ongoing efforts to collaborate with business we are now opening promoting these partnerships. Should you partner with Bridal Designs we will actively promote your business via a partnership list on our website and future promotions when relevant. What we're looking for essentially is contacts to different services in different sectors of employment. Please reach out to me via [email protected] ((Forum PM)) for any questions or requests. If you are a business looking to partner then please send a message to that prior email address and make sure if you are looking to partner you include: Your contact details If you're an individual or business If you are not an individual then please also include your position in the company What services you or your business offers Any other relevant information Once an email is sent, if necessary we will have an appointment booked in for you so we can sit down face to face and talk about the partnership and any concerns or questions you may have. You may also reach out to me on my personal number which will be supplied via email if you contact me. Regards, Lexi Brown Bridal Designs Management
  10. ⭐ Staff Comment - Lexi Brown I highly appreciate the reviews and I am thrilled that Bridal Designs has been of so much help to so many so far despite our fresh beginnings. Bridal Designs will continue to offer services to new clients. Please never be afraid to get in touch with us with your design request. (( If you have any ooc questions you can ask via Katie#2191 )) Regards, Lexi Brown Bridal Designs Management.
  11. That should've ended the thread here three months ago. There's no need to care so much about something like this and it certainly shouldn't be one way or the other. If you want to argue that an infrastructure like Los Santos would only house a couple thousand, I don't see the realism in that at all or how your character justifies or makes sense of Los Santos. I wont say much more since the post above should've been the conclusion. We can have a population that makes sense without having to NPC or see them. Out of all of the arguments this is the most silly. So if there are 50-60 people on the server (which occasionally happens with rage-downtime, issues) the population is suddenly 50 people? The population fluxuates minute by minute and as people log out they're no longer part of it? It was probably irrelevent to bump this three-month old thread as the arguments are going in the same circle as they were 3 months ago.
  12. Reviews are currently Enabled. Requests are currently Enabled. (( Template Review )) Name: Stars: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Comment: Verified Client: ❎ Not Verified (( Example Review )) Name: Jessica Smith Stars: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Comment: I hired Bridal Designs to design us invites for upcoming wedding. The invites themselves were stunning and we couldn't be more pleased with the design however there were delays and they took a little longer than we wished to be completed. Verified Client: ✅ Verified Client (( Template Request )) Name: Client (If Different from name): Request: Additional Details: Contact Tel: Deadline (If applicable):
  13. A personal statement from Lexi Bridal Designs was ran out of a home office and began as this chaotic mess that somehow, through a lot of extra grey hairs on my head has blossomed into a business that has came to be a part in so many of our client's lives. Yet, despite our growth, I still take a lot of joy out of working personally with people on whichever service of ours it is they choose to request. Every wedding I coordinate has been a special moment for Bridal Designs, to see the outcome of weeks of planning and the couple—at the end of it all in complete bliss has brought fulfillment to myself personally and the buisness. And because of this, myself and Bridal Designs will always strive to build these relationships and it will show through my passion and dedication to making sure your graphic design, wedding or gift is absolutely perfect. This may be a business but it's also a passion, whatever we take on in Bridal Designs we do so only if we're confident we can make it perfect. If you choose to have us help you make your wedding perfect, rebrand your promotions or help you with your gifts—and we believe we can fulfill your request to a stunning resolution then you can be confident, you have all of our passion behind your project. If you believe in it, so do we. Bridal Designs only works with people, not corporations. We are here for you. Sincerely, Lexi Garcia (formerly Brown) Bridal Designs Management | [email protected]
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