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  1. I think the important thing to note is as you said, instead of a Paramedic telling you your vitals, its you. And don't get me wrong, I think Medical roleplay flows a whole lot better without the verbose back and forth of what is x, and what is y. But to me, unless a player chooses to give me control over that, I'm not going to do so. Its their character at the end of the day, and if they don't want to roleplay into a critical condition and such, I wont really force them to. So as much as some other vitals make more sense, unless that player is comfortable with me creating their vitals for them, I'll let them do so. And I typically always ask. There's basically two types of scenes, the ones where circumstances have caused your patient to be their against their own will, and the ones where they came of their own volition. At the end of the day, myself personally I will always gauge if the person wants, or doesn't want my roleplay. If they do not, then I'll simply do the bare minimum to ensure they'll survive transport and then proceed to put them in rapid transport. If they seem confused over vitals, I'll send them a direct message and offer to rather take over or give them the expected ranges. And if they do want to be there, then I'll continue with the roleplay for along as it takes and people are enjoying it. Medical on scenes are sometimes the bottle-neck, with Police or Sheriffs, and patients waiting on their stabilization before they can go and continue their own roleplay. The whole concept of reading the room is totally correct. Now with that said, I'll add probably the most unpopular part of my opinion. There are a lot of factions and subsets of roleplay, such as criminals with kidnappings, robberies, and breakins, police with detentions and so on; where players are put into situations against their will, and not particularly what they want to be roleplaying. And in the same way people being robbed are expected to extend the courtesy of continuing that roleplay, and so on. I think as Koko said, it's a give and take. Patients should have some level of acceptance that their characters are injured and there is going to be a small period of time they are in medical roleplay. And in a perfect world, all these subsets of roleplay will keep it short for those who want it short, and verbose otherwise.
  2. Not only as already mentioned with desync and such, I think relying on animations completely removes the creativity to express character and attitude with actions. I agree with how many people will day needless emotes of drinking or sitting are in fact, needless. But that's only cause they're done with no expression at all. I'd never tell or imply anyone should roleplay in a certain way, but overall if you're going to perform an action that is character-less with no personality that the animation does anyway, then perhaps the animation alone will suffice. But I'd always say add character or personality to how your character does things. Pretentiously, lazily, excitably, etc.
  3. Absolutely likewise! It wasn't as plain as I think most robberies end up being. I think it was genuinely enjoyable and fulfilling for development. Kudo's to you and your companion.
  4. You could essentially say this about anything, the SFM faction are built around enforcing Fire Regulations and can use their LEO power to shut down a business. Comparatively such a licencing body as this suggested is less intrusive. Although I see some point in what you say, forced interactions is a broad critism that can be applied to literally any faction in either LFM or IFM, so makes no sense in this regard.
  5. With how insanely popular and frequent clubs are and more importantly, how incredibly frequent mismanaged and lazy some of them are as a form to simply grab cash. I think an actual Alcohol Licence and Bureau to supervise it would go a long way in creating a plethora of roleplay and responsibility to clubs. It's insanely frequent that clubs neglect not only extremely obvious things such as asking for ID — but you've a wide range of other issues that any realistic club would've lost a Alcohol Licence immediately. I'm not privy to making faction requests, thus why it's a discussion and not one. I'm genuinely curious to know what people think of such a faction and if its implementation would make any sense for the server, I personally believe with how Clubs are by far the most common business, this would actually put a body in place to regulate a major part of them. Such a faction could do the following, though not be limited to; Putting in place regulations for anyone holding an Alcohol Licence Enforcing that all establishments serving Alcohol have such a licence Enforcing through use of 'secret-shoppers' or ID checks that businesses are not frequently and negligently forgetting to ask for ID Enforcing other regulations, such as the abundance of clubs that serve alcohol in glass containers whilst having a pool as their main center-piece Revoking Alcohol Licences and pursuing other actions against clubs Reports can be made against a business sparking an investigation / examination Genuinely curious what the majority think of such a possibility. Is it just going to overstep into realism? It's my belief it would help weed out poorly managed clubs whom only goal is to open up with little to no management or effort. Such a faction would be akin to State Fire Marshals, but without the LEO status. As they'd simply give out fines and then pursue those in court or whatnot.
  6. I think the issue the administrator may have had is that the situation couldn't realistically play out due to the lack of Fire Department personell on duty, as stated in the response above this, it could lead to scenarios where criminal fires are made with intent to utilize low duty to maximize their chances of a beneficial outcome. That being said, Fire pagers for actual Fires tend to bring a good few members on duty. I wonder if the admin also considered not just how many were on duty, but how many were online. Cause as with most factions, you have to respond to pagers if you're able. If there are 2 on duty but 10+ online, you've a good chance that if a Fire is called in, you'd immediately get people over to the station and making callsigns. With my experience in the faction, Fires will always get more staff for engines online pretty quickly. So it's quite important to weigh in not just the people on duty but the people who are also online and able to respond to a pager going out. But in the end its a tricky scenario, although past shows most will respond to a pager at such hours, you've also got no certainty they will in every situation.
  7. Completely disagree, people here seem to give opinions but word them as gospel. Lacking social skills may be the reason a couple individuals decide to pump their /me's but in the completely opposite regard, the whole 'show not tell' type of storytelling is just lost on most people here. They seem to want to tell everyone everything and rarely try to emote it because conversations > performance. Each their own, roleplay how you want to roleplay and World is big enough that you'll find the people you enjoy roleplaying with and viseversa. It is entirely situational and this whole mentally people have where they hard-state their opinion as if its the most valuable one is a little silly. Some people roleplay through actions, and showing instead of telling. They're accused of lacking social skills. Some people roleplay entirely through coversation with brief couple word /me's thrown in. Accused of being unable to emote emotion, and have to tell instead.
  8. Just a note, sorry to shatter hopes but /toggleclicktomove just like the follow command are both insanely desynced. For you both of them will look completely fine and normal, but then for others you'll be a teleporting mess with no animation. This isn't just me either, both myself and other memebers of the FD did a few tests on each command and not a single one of us saw differently. 😞
  9. For any steam user who wants the files, I made a mega. <Download Removed> No longer needed, updated. Hopefully this is allowed, if not! Apologies, feel free to remove this post. VTs Exe : https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/0125fa149af2abf1d0378d65cc57c144b67bc7371b226690677718fd6ff7a871/detection Rpf: Too Large File Size, not an executable anyway so should be of no concern? Edit Note: I've been told this apparently also gives you part of my NVE / Graphics Mod. Uh, just something to be aware of I guess if you have a slower computer.
  10. Lexi Brown, offering $325.000. Contact 9172453
  11. honestly dont get how its not already done. legit just client-sided stuff checking for id's and highlighting them. they did all the hard work already, changing a single id to a table really can't be this hard this is like a 10 minute implementation
  12. I know its a very common trap most communities fall in where they ask for x and then as soon as they get x a whole different side now begins begging for y which they already had before x. Though, I don't think this suggestion is that and I'm totally +1 for it. It used to rain too much — it really did, it rained insanely frequently and I was one of the many who complained. But I also enjoyed rain — it creates a lot of passive roleplay and ruins events which forces improvisation. It just isn't fun when it was so frequent. A middle-ground wasn't found, we went from raining too much to (personally?) not seeing a single drop of rain in the past month. And my average playtime a day is 7 HRS so its not as if I'm rarely on. I think a 50% increase or something is due, just to make it rain infrequently.
  13. Way I see it there are two major issues with the system as it currently works The Character Killed player cannot see the original CK Application This needs to be fixed because that leaves the original applicants with all the information and the user who was CK'd with less information to go off of. Solution to this would be, if a player plans to contest a CK then they should be provided full unedited access to the original application. At this point their character is already dead and they need to know what they're defending against. The limbo of your character is far too long due to acceptance times This creates two issues, one; roleplay is going to continue and piles upon piles of roleplay will be built on how your character is dead, thus if you are accepted 1 or 2 months later; then you're basically creating a huge loophole in RP. And two; leaving someone dead for over a month is unacceptable if it turns out it was unfair Solution would be rather putting more admins and resources into the section, or giving more priority to doing it quickly. If someone made a CK application they should be required to respond to any appeals quickly and accurately. Without your usual 48 + hour waits. The only solution I can think of: As the OP has already said, the best solution is; if someone is CK'd via application then they are showed the document that was their CK application, if they decide to contest with it; they're UNCKed and are instead PK'd with no interaction with the cking group or person. What this would do now is create an urgency for both parties. So the CKers won't ignore the application as much.
  14. You can use arrow keys or click on the menu's arrows manually to move one at a time. A good tip if you're struggling is to just use the slider to get roughly where you want to be then arrow your way over.
  15. Give some examples of these communities, please.
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