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  1. Way I see it there are two major issues with the system as it currently works The Character Killed player cannot see the original CK Application This needs to be fixed because that leaves the original applicants with all the information and the user who was CK'd with less information to go off of. Solution to this would be, if a player plans to contest a CK then they should be provided full unedited access to the original application. At this point their character is already dead and they need to know what they're defending against. The limbo of your
  2. You can use arrow keys or click on the menu's arrows manually to move one at a time. A good tip if you're struggling is to just use the slider to get roughly where you want to be then arrow your way over.
  3. Give some examples of these communities, please.
  4. That is the issue. Now you're the one making assumptions. Firstly, to say that all timezones are active is barely accurate. Look at the server metrics or just from first hand experience. The server dips after around 2AM, and only continues doing so until evening the next day. (GMT) But even then, as someone who is part of the FD and is close friends with people both in the SD and PD — it's not just one or two people had a few bad interactions one or twice. We directly work literally tens and tens of scenes on a daily basis. This isn't a small one or two interactions. It's almost ev
  5. Sorry that we're trying to stop you from making characters that act like an adult in every single way including sexually, physically, threateningly, and so on. All up until it comes to punishment. Then suddenly you're in /b about how the character is just a child and the reaction isn't right 🤡 Funny how rarely you see people include how young their child character is in /me's when buying alcohol and doing things that would negatively impact them if they're a child. But as soon as its advantageous to be a young innocent child like when police turn up. Bet your ass that's in their /m
  6. Seriously one of the best suggestions I've seen. Why do they continue to allow child characters when in the far vast majority of cases they are used to just potray the lowest quality of roleplay the server has to offer? In the majority of these cases people are only using child characters for benefits in situations due to them being so young. Allowing people to potray teenagers being inducted to gangs as realism was a novel idea, but it failed. It failed drastically. I'd wager that only 1% of child characters are done well, the rest are terrible.
  7. Just because two people discuss and debate two opposing sides to a suggestion doesn't make it an argument. It wasn't us arguing, so theres that. I only wanted to point out trivalities of the rule the OP may not have thought of. The OP even states "it should still happen but obviously the person doing it is gonna get caught." implying they disagree with the current implementation. If you've an issue with us discussing something somebody has said in the discussion section then I don't know what to say to you honestly. You're the only one here turning this into a big deal and derailing the topic.
  8. Don't agree. I think the OP posted this with the intention of fun hypothetical rules. Pointless giving the suggestion team a whole lot more to look at when most of them are just nice rules for discussion but with no real thought about implementation and so on. It's a fun concept, but not nothing to bog the suggestion team with. What? ... What are you on about? Nobody is doing that lol. It's a discussion thread..? We're just discussion the OP's choices. Opinions and conversation, isn't that what this section is? Don't get toxic, we're just giving opinions.
  9. My issue with you advocating for Rule 12 to be gone is where is the line drawn? I actually partially agree that it's almost too encompassing and could be laxed in areas. But to remove it entirely would take away from realism. There is already ample oppertunity for thieves to pray on some areas like ATM's which aren't protected by this rule. But what thief is realistically going to hold somebody up outside of an active police station or bank? The rule is built to reasonably compensate for the fact we're in a roleplay server that can't always accurately potray employment and presence
  10. If anything in my opinion client-side cosmetic mods are just terrible. It's a very dumb implementation. The majority of the server isn't going to be using your specific mod pack. So for the majority of the server your characters are usually clipping. Even the official continuity thread states that client-sided cosmetic mods are not taken to be in-character. So in the real 'roleplay world' your characters end up looking silly. Which is what the official rules back-up.
  11. You've got caught up in the over 20 posts of rehearsing the same thing that you've missed their point entirely. @Bauer has already stated multiple times that this whole system is a necessary evil to combat the fact we're not in the real world and have to deal with oddities like people actually being logged in and in the same timezone. You've missed or ignored that completely. So this makes the only real issue that its not written into some official rule-book or so on. The point is, it happens and you liking it or not sorry to say, it's happening. So rather make a suggestion to chan
  12. No offense but multiple people have said this is derailing the thread and at this point its just a repetitive conversation going around in circles. If you two want to explore penal code and study law, do it in your direct messages. Not on this thread that is trying to address something else. You've said your piece and got your point across, there is no need to go to and fro for multiple hours expressing the same thing over and over.
  13. I'm aware of the pinned thread here but I can't log into Online whatsoever. It's impossible for me to do so due to issues that I can't fix. Does anyone know an alternative way to disabling Car Radio music and other native music without logging into online? There must surely be a file, or setting configuration somewhere in the games directory that allows me to change a line or do delete music files. Replace them with non-audios, or something? If anyone knows I'd love the help. I mean, the game must store the information /somewhere/ that I've disabled music? Else it'd not be saved
  14. worked for me. I only did steps 1 2 3 & 4 thank you. Also your steps have the wrong numbers. It goes 1 2 3 3 4 on the steam version
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