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  1. Buyout + a McDonalds quarter pounder meal
  2. Name : International Rescue Committee Description of the charity's activities : International Rescue Committee is a global humanitarian aid, relief and development nongovernmental organisation. It was founded at the request of Albert Einstein. The IRC provides emergency and long-term assistance to refugees and those displaced by war, persecution or natural disaster. Why should we choose this charity? The International Rescue Committee helps people who are affected by wars and persecution by providing aid and long term assistance, this could be setting up refugees in safer places to grow up in and actually have a proper life. It also helps people affected by natural disasters, this is becoming a very common thing in the world and is only going to get worse and without this charity many people won't receive any help or assistance. Charity website : https://www.rescue-uk.org/ Charity contact email : [email protected] Remember that the charity must be based in European Union or have a subsidiary registered in it.
  3. Proclubs hit me up on discord (Moyles#3961) usually play with @ShadowNG @LucasEd15
  4. Moyles

    (4SALE) Huntley

    Bidding ends tonight at 23:00
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