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  1. Hi, I'm looking to purchase a business property in Mirror Park. That can be anything from a barber shop, bar or restaurant - or even anything that be refurnished. Current budget $1-1.5m - please let me know what you have available. However, anything works - as long as it works within budgetary constraints. Please email me your options! ((Forum DM))
  2. Sisca rules with an iron fist.
  3. The real Los Santos Crime Family. All credits go to @UTOPIA after the disaster which was Peter Conti.
  4. Sumac's curse continues to tell the tale.
  5. Someone tell @MoeLSRP, @Koolio and @Pisano they’re due a ruthless slap. Hold it down, @Sisca you little rat.
  6. Nothing but a paint decorator and cab driver our Russ Gagliano, the New York dropout.
  7. @road, forever learning. I'm proud.
  8. "The New York drop out" @Jema.
  9. @The Dirty Duke - Angie Sisca and his goomah.
  10. The fox lives on. God rest your souls, all of you.
  11. Looking back at when we first met, I cannot explain and I cannot forget, Pisano you're the one, You killed Meng for fun, The war is coming home again!
  12. Everyone's favourite gamer is dead?
  13. All is fair in love and war. Two Guns Ganisa strikes again. Kudos to you, @MoeLSRP.
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