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  1. Rocha's nose radiates power never before seen by man
  2. Unfortunately most characters with mental disorders/disabilities are horribly portrayed, presenting disabilities as edgy serial killer superpowers over anything remotely realistic. Agree with your statement either way, hope to see more accurately presented characters with mental illness.
  3. just fly in to a cloud lol nah seriously, implement this.
  4. Aqua-biker-chaos-man might be my favorite on going character.
  5. That's what I was thinking when I saw the new group system implemented but things have fizzled out for the most part, people either moving on from homelessness or just outright quitting. At this point from how things have turned out IC it'd be more a group of anarchists than anything else but hey, that's also an interesting idea if it's done well. 👀
  6. You people... only joking Locked for inactivity, we tried to take over ownership but were ignored by staff so it ended up falling through.
  7. Parroting other replies here but MORE addicts and MORE homeless characters - it's weird being beat over the head with this California-lore stick with anything involving gangs and organized crime but people seem to forget California houses (not the best choice of words) one of the biggest homeless populations in the entire USA, if not the biggest.
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