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  1. Apologize for the inactivity, this character is still around but just enjoying a little time off before I start CHAPTER 2 of her story, stay tuned. 💕
  2. Yeah, it is. The spitting on the floor thing actually happened in a business and the owner roleplayed it as there being no camera's. The cops were called and the caller was arrested for misuse of 911 and the person who brandished got away completely free of any charges.
  3. I've seen a lot of poor escalation coming from a lot of PF holders these past few months, it seems if you're in a club and losing a verbal argument many peoples first instinct is to draw a weapon at the first sign of a threat. Drawing your weapon on someone who spits on the floor in front of you (This has ACTUALLY happened) or says they're gonna "Rock your jaw" just seems a bit much and honestly ruins the roleplay that could've been had. There's a lot of play to win mentality that goes unchecked and this is before we even get into the subject of beefs between gangs/factions that are more than willing to shoot a group of teenagers over a few harsh words. I also believe that the desync has a lot to do with jumping to the gun, nobody wants to deal with the desync of script fighting on top of that a lot of people believe if they lose a street fight they basically lose everything on their characters and they're not willing to risk losing these assets so many just resort to homicide like it's nothing.
  4. Straight FIRE. 🔥 ... Someone had to say it.
  5. Hi, hey, hello, goodbye... Later that night...
  6. Still following, can't wait to see where Reagan ends up.
  7. Would be a welcomed addition. +1
  8. The Psychonauts! 🚀
  9. I can't stand not standing...
  10. Yeahhhh, you're alright too Momo.. I guessssss.
  11. The ollll' valet trick, love it boys. 🤣 Been following a while, the banter and dialogue is great. Keep it up!
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