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  1. Big love to Jonesy, congratulations to everybody else!
  2. Have you followed the Rockstar Games guidance to verify the game file integrity? If you have the same version, you can do this by: Restart your computer and launch Steam From a game's library page, select Manage > Properties. Select the Local files tab and click the Verify integrity of game files... button. Steam will verify the game's files - this process may take several minutes You can also create a new file in your root GTA V directory called ‘commandline.txt’ and add ‘-verify’ to the text content of the file (without the ‘). Save this and try again. The error you’re getting is to do with corrupted installation files. The tips I’ve given above should circumvent the error by re-downloading the correct files.
  3. Fingers crossed we get to the root cause of the issue soon.
  4. @Wuhtah GOAT support staff, always incredibly helpful and keeps on top of the forums. Big respect.
  5. To touch on your comments here specifically: It is incredibly difficult to moderate and administrate a server full of 800+ players at a time. Let's say there are 10 administrators on admin duty. That's 80 players each to handle. Let's say they get around... two reports per minute. That's 120 reports in an hour between 10 administrators. Some reports may be for simple things such as bugs or spawn issues, but other more delicate and intricate issues take longer to handle. Our administrators are volunteers and they're doing their very best for the server. We can't expect them to be able to handle every single situation within seconds of it being reported. That's why posting forum reports is so incredibly important. Be kind to them. They're doing their best.
  6. Added SFM forum and distinguished it from the main SFM website. Added colour-coding.
  7. Useful Links and Websites Mega Thread GTA World Wiki: https://wiki.gta.world/ (GTA World's official wiki page) Property Map: https://map.gta.world/ (GTA World's official property map page) IC social media Facebrowser: https://face.gta.world/ (GTA World's IC social media website) Quickdate: https://date.gta.world/ (GTA World's IC dating website) Discord servers Main Discord: https://discord.gg/gtaworld/ (GTA World's official Discord server) Property Management Discord: https://discord.gg/awMWqFg (GTA World's official Property Management Discord server) Aviation Discord: https://discord.gg/EP9Drbg (GTA World's Blaine Aviation Discord server) Faction websites Los Santos Police Dept (LSPD) forum: https://lspd.gta.world/ LSPD's Firearms Licensing Division (FLD) website: https://fld.gta.world/ Los Santos Sheriff's Dept (LSSD) forum: https://lssd.gta.world/ San Andreas Park Rangers (SAPR) forum: https://sapr.gta.world/ Los Santos Fire Dept (LSFD) forum: https://lsfd.gta.world/ Pillbox Hill Medical Center (PHMC) forum: https://phmc.gta.world/ State Fire Marshal (SFM) website: https://sfm.gta.world/ State Fire Marshal (SFM) forum: https://sfm-forum.gta.world/ Los Santos Government (LSGOV) forum: https://gov.gta.world/ San Andreas Government (SAGOV) forum: https://sagov.gta.world/ Judiciary of San Andreas (JSA) forum: https://jsa.gta.world/ San Andreas Aviation Authority (SAAA) forum: https://saaa.gta.world/ Department of Medical Examiners-Coroners (DMEC) forum: https://dmec.gta.world/ University of Los Santos, San Andreas (ULSA) forum: https://ulsa.gta.world/ If there are any links missing from this thread which you think would be beneficial to have, please post them below and I will add them accordingly.
  8. https://mega.nz/file/SAUQnbwb#oagzd2tUIaK76sJEJ9AWOj6RRfcMGF0SRkdxUSQrRJI A lot of people are encountering this issue so this may not help. There is currently no known fix.
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