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  1. 2010 Obey 9F (NineF) V8 Sport FOR SALE is a Obey 9F, fitted with after market performance and security upgrades, in a luscious red colour. Fully functioning convertible roof. $229,999 or very nearest offer. Call or SMS on 9255 for viewings. Click here for more images
  2. I think this is the biggest attractor to legal law enforcement role-play for me. My schedule and real-life commitments are very similar to yours in the sense that my availability is sporadic at best. I enjoy being able to pick up and put down LEO role-play without it being too crucial or vital for me to dedicate a lot of time (which I frankly don't have) to role-playing. Being in the LSPD I am able to log on for an hour and still enjoy my role-play, and can leave it until the next time I'm ready to play. When I've played illegal characters in the past, I found that if I did not log on regularly (daily/every couple of days) I would miss key events and sometimes even disrupt the flow of role-play. I think the pick-up-and-put-down nature of legal factions is one of its strong points.
  3. When I'm playing on my laptop, it does the same. It is intentional - you'll find it across any game you play. It bottlenecks the hardware unless plugged into mains. Games should be played with the AC adapter plugged in for maximum performance.
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    never forgotten 🙏
  5. Glad to see this still going strong bro ❤️‍🔥
  6. Congratulations all and welcome new supports and admins!
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