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  1. Brett

    Can you please provide some examples of "reforms," that have been talked about? I am curious to see exactly what they believe should be reformed at least with PD here, to see how this side of roleplay views the other side.
  2. Brett

    Fair opinion. I think the cancel response should be there simply because, more units could assign themselves at any time and at any point that could change, like if you get a 998 (All units respond, Shots Fired) or something which would put all other calls on non-priority. A lot could happen that could justify cancelling a response, and that is the only reason I think it should be there. But I certainly wouldn't mind doing three options with one being a list, the other being a response option to either place you on response or off the response if you need to cancel, and your standard GPS option.
  3. Brett

    That's absolutely fine. As long as there is some agency marked on response, not every individual has to click it. It can be done by car if you're partnered or whatever and it would be acceptable to me. I would even prefer it be internally done by car, so if you're patrolling or responding on one callsign for either department, only the driver should do it and treat it like "Okay 1 Unit is responding, or 2 Units is responding," even if those 2 Units are comprised of 4 People. But that is stuff the factions internally can decide, so long as the option is available via script.
  4. Brett

    This is just something I'm toying with in my mind, and it concerns dispatching. Now dispatching as we all should realize isn't the best due to the numerous problems the game gives us logistically to be able to properly coordinate units, 911 calls, or even properly get us all appropriate information due to the automation and there isn't much we could do in regards to that. However, there is something I think could be submitted as a script suggestion to help make our lives in responding to calls a bit better. The /niners script right now allows for us to get automatic GPS coordinates to a call for us to respond, meaning it must be attached to the call itself by the script in order to properly gain the details and time it was submitted similar to how it looks on the MDC emergency call pad. What I'm thinking is, what if this was expanded to allow for two options? One option is the GPS location of the call, and the other option is the ability to set yourself on response to the call? I shall give an example in a step by step of how I'm imagining it. You open /niners as normal and it lists the 911 calls, with an assigned ID. You click on the 911 call like normal that you wish to go to, but instead of auto just adding the GPS, it gives you two options. One labelled "Response." The other labelled "Location Tracker." If you click location tracker, it simply gives you the GPS location like normal. But if you would like to respond to the call you would click the "Response," button. After clicking the "Response," button. You would be provided a list of all currently assigned officers/deputies going to the call. They would be marked like such for example: [SD] Jason Gordon By being able to see who is responding, you are able to assign yourself to the call if you wish to respond by clicking another box that says "Request Respond," which will ask if you are sure that you wish to be assigned to the call. And boom, you will be added onto the list of people responding. The benefit of this, is allowing for both PD, FD, and SD to be able to get a list of responding officers/deputies/ems/firefighters onto a scene. So that way, take for example we have a call in like Mirror Park. And you have like 10 PD on, and maybe like 4 SD, and 6 Fire. As it's Mirror Park, we in SD may believe PD is already handling the situation and thus may decide not to respond since we know they have units. But we have upon multiple occassions (And PD has done this to SD too), responded to situations even just to drive by them to see that nobody responded at all and that brings a disservice toward everyone. And so, it would be easy to have the script, because people could actually see if anyone at all is responding to a call. Before physically having to drive from wherever they are from to the scene just to visibly check if someone handled. Just a huge quality of life improvement, that I'm told is a rather easy thing to do scriptwise. Edit: One other thing. That response option when you click the ability to respond, should also have an option to take you off of it if you cancel your response to it for any reason (Such as realizing another agency has it fully covered, and thus you responding is rather unnecessary unless they directly call you.) Forgot to add this on, but yea. Edit 2: As per a reply, I would add this. I would be completely for even making it 3 options rather then 2. One for GPS, one for setting yourself on or off response, and one simply listing the responders themselves. That would work too and still be fully in line with the suggestion. My outlined way was just a proposed way of it being done, and is open to continued refining. Just wanted to put this at the top as well to expand.
  5. Brett

    Some screenies from me:
  6. Brett

    I'll go ahead and respond to this. This has always been a problem between the Illegal Roleplayers & Legal Roleplayers in general, as every aspect of the server has a different interest. If you're more of a civilian roleplayer who likes the nightlife social roleplay of the server or even the business roleplay for example, your interests are probably going to be just roleplaying a good time in the clubs, maybe making some money with your business, and just in general trying to keep out of trouble with the law and avoid being robbed from the Illegal Roleplayers who may want to steal your car or money. If you're an Illegal Roleplayer, your goal is of course to do illegal things. Whether that's smoking dope or hanging out with the homies on the block, heading out for a drive-by or murder, robbing someone of their items from their house or person, etc. And if you're a law enforcement roleplayer (I'll include FD in this, as they are sorta in this too), your goal is to respond to nine-one-one calls usually involving something an Illegal Roleplayer has done to a Civilian Roleplayer, and go after Illegal Roleplayers who are commiting the majority of the crime on the server which is your IC job to stop, or just provide appropriate rescue roleplay for like gunshot wounds and such that are incurred from incidents involving Illegal Roleplayers. As you can imagine, all of those aspects of roleplay are very different from each other in goal and they often conflict naturally yet at the same time they are dependent on each other. Without the Civilian Roleplayers, there would be no club and social roleplay which populates a good majority of the city with things to do and attend such as events for the community, and there would be nobody for the Illegal Roleplayers to rob or commit crimes against without too much sector retaliation. Without the Illegal Roleplayers the LEO Roleplayers would have very little to do on the server as there job would be practically down to just becoming glorified parking and traffic enforcement with maybe small incidents popping up now and then which they are needed for dispute resolution, and the Civilian Roleplayers would lose out on opportunities that sometimes illegal roleplayers can actually generate and spur things into action like when the news reports on gang shootings in the hood, or incidents involving the police and a criminal. And without the LEO Roleplayers the Civilians and Illegal Roleplayers would be without a major element that they need to advance their roleplay, as if there is no cops who would respond to the crimes at all? Who would investigate anything you do? And who would provide the server a sort of general IC rule enforcer to keep things around the city orderly which would highly benefit a civilian roleplayer who doesn't want to be living in a city of anarchy? All of these roles are interconnected, and without each other the server can't function. However, some of the disputes that have happened has lead to distrust between these groups of roleplayers in various sense (In this case I'm talking specifically about LEO Roleplayers and Illegal Roleplayers), that is leading to things like faction reports against each other, OOC drama fests, and in general just outright insults which even if aren't spoken publicly about, are spoken in private by both groups for problems they see on each other. I can speak a lot on problems I can see from my side, but I'm sure there are problems the illegal roleplayers also see from there side. I honestly would like to hear it from the other side, before I just try and ram my own personal opinion from the LEO side as I am a mostly LEO/Legal roleplayer and always have been. At the end of this however, we all are one community in this server. And when one sector of the RP is struggling, we're all going to get the effects. I don't mind IC drama between groups. But OOC drama is just toxic, and doesn't help anyone. I'll open the floor for the Illegal Roleplayers (If they would be so kind to respond), and give us some of their observations before I go more into depth.
  7. Brett

    I honestly don't think you understand what you're talking about at all. Have you actually been arrested IG at any point?
  8. Brett

    Not sure how you're blaming the cops for being out of control, when the person who pleas for those punishments did so on their own authority with full knowledge. They could always plead No Contest, and still have rights to appeal for 30 days with no extra time.
  9. Simple solution. Have the IC government pass some restrictions on the type of advertisements that can be done, with penalties attached. No need for anything OOC, and allows some flexibility.
  10. Yes. Unless some new rules, systems, etc are made on an OOC level in order to better accommodate such childlike characters. all will be tried as adults and dealt with as such.
  11. Brett

    Sorry, maybe I'm just tired and not seeing it. What exactly would you like my clarification on here?
  12. Brett

    Thank you for the support in this.
  13. @Serendipity - To answer your questions; 1.) Players can represent themselves in a trial at any time, and it doesn't matter if they really know the law or not. If they want to take the case into their own hands and don't know what they're doing, that's on them. And will effect trial outcomes, just like it would be IRL. So the risk is truly on them to take, as it's impossible to ascertain knowledge of someone on the spot in a courtroom on law when we need to keep the trial processing. 2.) Court appointed lawyers do already exist, and we do assign them to people who request them. 3.) We do give recess times if there are legitimate reasons, and they may be extended for legitimate reasons. And since we have an official Public Defenders office, I doubt these will be much of a problem when it comes to getting someone an attorney if they need one. 4.) There will not be jury trials, as that would be too much of a pain. But we will be implementing life sentencing/capital punishments. It's something I've been planning for a while, but it's dependent on a lot of other factors that I'm working towards. Hey, if anyone wants to snaz it up like us. I hope they're really packing a sense of style ;). And I appreciate what you said immensely, and will continue to carry this admiration into the future. As for your questions, I believe the cooperation has been really great. It started off a bit rocky (Mainly because I was new, and people didn't know what to expect.) But it really ironed itself out to build a rather strong foundation and I have no issues with that. The same styles I have done with the PD, I plan to keep with the SD and build across all gov/legal factions. I doubt much of my strategy will change here, and if it does I'll let everyone know. As for future improvements to the system, a few things on my list are as follows; Officially reorganize the BAR Association, so that it's more self-sufficient and self-governing. With places to register complaints, code of ethics, etc. Along with instituting a tiered BAR system to separate types of attorneys. Upgrade the Penal Code in terms of sentencing, with the introduction of new concepts, and refining of old. (Can't really go much more into detail here on that.) Finish instituting the trial systems for all levels of the court from Superior, Appellate, and Supreme. To get even more formal in process and procedure as you go up. Continue working with the LEO factions, to ensure we all remain on the same page in regards to our standards. And continue to build working relationships. Continue creating State Laws for things we need, in order to ensure there is a basis for a lot of things that happen IG. There's a lot of mini objectives in this, but these are some of the core right at the moment. After all that, I'm sure I'll add more.
  14. Brett

    I mean...he did link you a video self-identified as "Deathmatching." Did you expect quality roleplay lol? This isn't meant to be offensive, just jokes.
  15. Brett

    To the above @MikeTheMike. 1.) The point that if the script has killed you, your odds of survival are low that you were trying to make had zero relation to the words you put in the reply. Because your reply to this point indicated that you were talking about medical care in general, in regards to people just being casually injured and not PK'd. Hence how I responded in the way I did. This wasn't out of context, when you talk about how many shots it takes to die, and then say the system is rather realistic. There's no reasonable way I could've made your point out to be that "if you're killed according to how the script functions your realistic chance of survival is at phenomenally low." You missed the mark on this one with your point, but I thank you for the clarification now. 2.) I agree with you that if someone is shot in the head, they most likely aren't surviving. But that wasn't what I was talking about. I was talking about the Pre-PK situations, where you can shoot someone in the head once and a vast majority will act as if that didn't happen and back it up by "Well, I didn't scriptwise die. So I wasn't really injured that bad." And Headshots are not common IRL, at all. And no serious shooter or casual shooter just aims for the head IRL, you aim center-mass because it gives you the highest percentage to hit. If you're talking about Headshots in the IG, then that's sad, but even then I don't see how it's relevant to this conversation. 3.) Currently any death CAN result in a CK now. What's your point? And you're right, nobody has RP'd coming out the hospital after a PK. Because under the current system, PK's are treated as if they were murdered, yet the script spawns them at the hospital. That's my only point I was making, in that scriptwise by server function it spawns PK'd people at the hospital. And so there is some inherent belief in that the hospital and your supposed "death," have some relation that is acknowledged even subtly. 4.) A lot of the difference between the two have to do with reasoning, and yes circumstance does matter in some respect, but again murder isn't something you do just willy-nilly. There was a completely separate thread here talking about the piss poor PK's being conducted that got a lot of traction for the discussion which you can see here to prove my point. A lot of things that usually become PK's, are kinda shitty in general. And wouldn't pass a CK muster for a true murder. And that was my only point. And nobody is arguing into transitioning stuff into a CK from previous stuff. Idk where that came from. 5.) In YOUR opinion it's "fine." Because you're the active one who at least in my interpretation, seems to benefit from the system being PK's. But I guarantee you the other side who had some other RP going on and would like to keep that RP, aren't satisfied when they have to erase a lot of their previous RP just to accommodate you. And for someone here claiming how we can't be too realistic, it's very interesting how somehow Chicago is going to now be a staple of your argument to a situation which has nothing to do with murder rates, or crime rates. We're talking about an RP concept, not crime statistics of a city. 6.) We weren't arguing flexibility, or reliability of the system. We were arguing if it was entirely realistic. This entire paragraph of yours is therefor irrelevant 100% to the conversation. 7.) You act like we're removing PK's. We're not. Spur of the moment stuff is still going to exist. And since we can't "prove," the amount of reports and such that will come in the future either way. I'm not going to address that, because you can't 100% say that's going to happen or not. 8.) Extreme views of what? A lot of people on this thread actually advocated going even farther with the CK's, then I have to the point I had to bring the topic back to what we are actually discussing. This isn't an extreme view in the slightest, just to get a definition. 9.) Refer to this entire thread, for a quick debunking of how untrue this is. 10.) Red herring, I never said we should only enforce CK's. Nor is that anything my suggestion advocates or requests. 11.) And here we go again with this "It's flawed," yet you still have not provided a single example. This is legitimately the third time I have asked you for EXAMPLES. Like, an actual situation where my system would be flawed. And you're hiding behind the, "Well it's just flawed." And acting like that in itself is proof for why it's flawed. One example of how this system can fail, please provide. If you can't, then you're just making stuff up.