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  1. thats totally irrelevant my dude. Now you're just saying that it's fair to use controller aim assist so long as the person you're in a firefight against doesnt suck. What if they, too, suck? Now you have the advantage. Don't be a smoothbrain.
  2. heretic. How can you non-ironically say that it's okay to gain an advantage with aim assist just because you suck?
  3. Marksman

    But I bet you most people didn't. I don't care if you don't find it worth it, tbh. That doesn't mean people should get away with stealing it and thinking it's okay.
  4. Marksman

    I wonder how many of you actually paid for it and didn't cheat your way to a copy.
  5. Marksman

    I'm saying serverside mods are possible, which is proven to be true as we've a lot of them on the server. Don't ask me why we're not, that's not my job. I'm just saying those standardized mods you wished for are already a thing.
  6. Marksman

    my d00d thats why we have serverside mods. mods that are standard for everyone on the server.
  7. Marksman

    thats how you make electric cars go faster yeah
  8. Marksman

    RageMP loads you into singleplayer, not multiplayer. You can do anything on singleplayer and you wont get banned. RageMP doesn't load you into GTA:O so there's no way to get banned.
  9. Marksman

    Not a bug. You can't put .rpf's in client_resources anymore.
  10. Marksman

    I don't see any new game features coming in that would conflict with the pre-existing story
  11. Marksman

    Do you have an up to date scripthook? Do you have an up to date Menyoo? Are you playing on a Steam or Rockstar purchased game?
  12. Marksman

    You sure the insurance price for the Club is correct? It's below 100k and not in the sports class.
  13. Marksman

    Mirror Park: Omnis, 84k Sabre, 84k Club GTR, 84k Seraph 96k Downtown Autos: Furzen, 48k Sadler Retro Sport SWB, 48k Sadler Retro Sport LWB, 54k Sadler Retro Sport Crew Cab, 60k Vapid Razor, 96k High End Autos: ZR380, 204k Gresley Hellhound, 204k Argento, 540k Taranis, 588k
  14. Marksman

    I was sent an advertisement email prior to its initial launch