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  1. Speeding cameras should be installed on frequented streets within the city and roleplayed accordingly by all drivers of the road. The speeding cameras can also be a massive source of roleplay with maintenance/fixes of the cameras, tickets/fines, complaint handling, etc. What could improve general quality of life while on the road? As many mentioned above, GTA's default keyboard driving options are a bit rough. Would be real nice to implement a system (sadly, I don't think it would ever make the list of priority projects within the dev team due to how small the impact is) where you can: - Opt-in option to allow for smooth acceleration on vehicles (0-10mph is gradually achieved instead of burning rubber for two seconds as you take off from a stop) - Implement a gear system (Drive/Reverse) to: - Be able to hold the brake without immediately going into reverse after coming to a stop - Make driving roleplay a little more restrictive... way too many people do violent J-turns in tight streets like they're a trained stunt driver due to the controls being so easy - Maintenance to actually mean something, current system is way too lenient and it's not often that people own a vehicle long enough to see the first maintenance warning come up
  2. Full name: Cadence Jackson Vehicle: Gresley Pick-up date: ASAP Phone number: 75242283 Additional information: N/A
  3. I'm interested in buying a Rebla GTS. I'd prefer it to be looking stock as possible but would like some features like engine upgrades and security. Budget of ~$215,000. Email me ((forums PM)) if you've got one with your phone number or post below.
  4. * This post assumes that you're able to /sms people even if they're offline, right now that is disabled but it is being fix. It would be nice to get some creativity going in the SMSing system we currently have on in-game phones. I've started working on bringing up an internet company that focuses on a more personalized approach to advertising by sending the advertisements directly to the (potential) customer's phone (via SMS). However, realizing the current limitations of the SMS system, I decided against putting in any more effort before it's fixed. The possibilities are also endless with the SMS system, below are some ideas I've stormed up in the last few weeks. 1. A whole new level of roleplay could be introduced within organizations/corporations to have dedicated marketing teams that could also develop a more personal touch with the characters causing them to be more loyal customers. Think of promotions (ex: 20% off only this weekend), reach out programs (surveys, feedback, etc) with prizes, raffles, announcements, etc. 2. Another possibility would be the introduction of services that the players would sign themselves up for monthly/weekly, think of: daily astrology sign daily news updates etc. 3. Finally, officials can also take advantage of the SMS system, sending out: disaster warnings (if a disaster were to ever be roleplayed) AMBER alerts monthly meetings of LSPD/Gov/etc that are open to the public to attend Do you think these ideas might survive in-game for more than a few weeks before everyone loses interest?
  5. I would strongly advice the developers to just throw in an OOC message something along the lines of "Make sure you're renting out the property in a realistic way, any abuse of the rental system will result in OOC punishment." whenever a user makes their property rentable. This will serve as a deterrent to people abusing it as trying to track down people that abuse this or implement scripts is just a waste of developer time. Or, another suggestion would be to add an expiry to renting, such that the owner would /setrentable and for the next X minutes the property is rentable, after that it is no longer rentable til the owner of the property does the /setrentable command again. This will combat the issue of randoms renting a place without the landlord's knowledge and ruining the roleplay for the actual tenants.
  6. Seeing business men that own clubs and expensive luxurious sports car say they've got to go to do their 24/7 shift.
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