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  1. Completely agree as an ex FD person. RPing with people forced into these situations is mind numbingly dull. I guess you just stick to reporting on the forum with evidence if you have it. If people are self voiding situations like that, then it's against the rules and again.... report on the forum, or IG if you see it or it's happening to you.
  2. Yep +1 - The whole ''You have no recent conversation with XXXXXXX'' pisses me off too. I spoke to them half hour ago, let me text them using the bot ffs.
  3. I am. Currently in China until the 26th, feel free to drop me an email at: [email protected] ((forum PM)) and I'll keep in touch regarding when I'm back and vehicle pickup.
  4. I will offer Buyout on the Cinquemilla if you can hold it for 2 weeks for me. ((Away at work for 2 weeks))
  5. Interested in the GTT if still available. PH: #1237
  6. Guess I'll drop the buyout. #1237 - Available straight away ((Forum PM also))
  8. Discussing application questions and answers is against the rules. I'd take this down if I were you and ask a member of staff directly for assistance.
  9. Selling my Karin Calico GTF Great condition for the age of the car. 111 miles on the clock. If you would like the car out right then that would be a buyout of $220,000. I will let people start bidding where they see fit. ((OOC Statistics))
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