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  1. The tips listed above are grand on it's own. For a more visual feat, I suggest you maybe look up GTA:O char creation vids, and go off from there. They usually start chars from the ground up, and can give you plenty of inspiration and things to play with whilst deciding what to do when making a fem char. Example, just use Google for "GTA:O female char presets", or "How to"'s.
  2. It's about a six hour drive.
  4. The customer is king 독수리
  5. I can only assume that they're targeting shops such as tattoo parlors, barbershops, and other script related businesses that technically don't require anyone behind the counter for the shop to be opened. I can only assume such, though.
  6. I'm currently running several 'nightlife' establishments on the server. Despite this, I find it unfair if custom script shops were to suffer under people like me, running nightlife establishments such as bars, clubs, and the like. I think it'd encourage the employees and owners to RP something unique rather than being a bar or the like, if they were to receive governmental money for their openings. One's profits and motivation shouldn't suffer over their preference over what they wish to run as an establishment.
  7. "... I can hear my dead homies sing..."
  8. Breaking point
  9. Willing to buy a bar / nightclub / stripclub. Davis or Rancho as location is preferred, yet not a necessity. Budget: $1.000.000 Post your offers down below, or hit me up in private.
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