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Decker-Side 23 華青


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                              xATs9OM.png   DECKER-SIDE 23


The Wah Ching or Dub C are an infamous gang comprised of mostly, but not exclusive, Chinese-Americans with sets all over San Andreas. This gang was formed in San Fierro in the 1960s, as a way to make money from the gambling dens, drug sales, and illegal fireworks selling, and as a way to safeguard and act as the muscle for the local tongs. The Dubs quickly outgrew these Tongs and a conflict ensued - leaving San Fierro strongly in the Tong's hands and sending Wah Ching down to San Andreas, where they split into different sets, often called sides, this is around the time they adopted and integrated into the gang culture of the area, adopting hand signs, their fashion, lingo, monikers and gang colors. In the late 90s, due to the gang being hit with a RICO and due to law enforcement pressure, many of the Wah Ching sides broke from the original hierarchy of the gang, leading the organization to be much more independent from set to set. Still, all these sides claimed Dub C's and got along with each other without any trouble. Nowadays, Wah Ching has reorganized itself into doing /mostly/ organized crime, although certain sub-sets still act as other unorganized gangs would. The different sides are still split and each answer to their respective dai lo.


In recent history, an Asian gang out of the north side of Koreatown has decided to align itself under the Wah Ching. The gang, known as Decker-Side 213, had been a clique consisting of Chinese, Vietnamese, and Cambodian youth hailing from Little Seoul, often guided by their dai lo's or big brothers, Bartholomew Chang and Lenny Kwan, but also by elusive figures in the Suey Sing Association such as David Wu, Sophie Wu, Ronald Ho, and Kevin Heoi.  This clique's history in their section was riddled with violence, mostly aimed towards the other gangs that called Koreatown their home, and with many crimes, such as home break-ins, car-jacks, drug dealing, arms trafficking, and a myriad of robberies, be it aimed towards passerby's in the streets or towards stores and shops. In late 2022, following the arrest of Bartholomew Chang and Lenny Kwan, the gang went into disarray. Members hid low, fled the town, or simply retired and gave up on a life of crime.  This wave of gangsters laying low, skipping Los Santos, or retiring didn't just happen to the clique under Chang and Kwan. Many if not all of the criminal-affiliated figures of the Suey Sing Association - the upper-echelon of this organization, with great connections across the city and even outside of the country - decided it was time to retire from a lifetime of crime, opting to live the rest of their lives with the money they had gathered over their life. This left two hatchet men around to guide the by-now fledgling group, Julian Lang and Daniel Ma, as the oldest members left in the gang, and as the two highest in the hierarchy. Without key tong figures to guide them, many of the once mandatory traditions were now gone, further molding the group into something of its own. Through their contacts and respect in the streets, the two got into long negotiations with a prestigious Wah Ching member, leading them and those who follow them to be blessed into the gang. 






A new generation of Decker-Side  gangsters came to be from the previous one's reign—unleashed from the traditional cultural expectations of their predecessors, a nominal third-in-command was chosen by the Dai Dai Lo and the Dai Lo to form the organization's leadership: Leilani Kwon as a Dà Jiě. Kwon's blessing into the gang came as one of the first decisive approaches to the entire operation. With the three at the head of the gang, what was once an organized crime outfit fell much closer to what a typical Mexican or African-American gang acted like, with elements of organized crime sprinkled across the organization, given the nominal trio's money-making and profit-oriented background.


Decker-Side 23 has been establishing its foothold on the West Side of Los Santos under newfound leadership in recent years. Whilst the gang is one of the many facets of a century-long criminal enterprise, the Wah Ching, is considered one of the most prolific West Side street gangs along with Terror Town 13, W/S Longos 13, Crazy Riders 13, etc., and the only significant gang within the vast community of Little Seoul. By virtue, DS23 aligning itself with Wah Ching has seen it carry life-long conflict with various local segments of Asian Boyz, Sons of Samoa, and others. The gang's origins and its untraditional ways make it stand out as one of the most noteworthy subsets of Wah Ching within Southern San Andreas, and their rooted ties within a primarily Hispanic community have led it to adopt various cultural and lifestyle choices. Contrary to popular belief, Decker-Side 23's main motivator continues to be participating in various illicit money-making ventures. Its adoption of the color red within common street gang denominators and regalia (red clothing, rags, tagging of choice) is often misunderstood as pledged allegiance to Bloods or similar sets— in reality, red is symbolic of good fortune, luck, vitality, celebration, and prosperity in Chinese culture.



The gang's rapid ascension to power has inhibited law enforcement intrusion within the community. The LSSD OSSB Operation Chinese New Year of 2023 aimed to be a joint intelligence-gathering effort of various local law enforcement entities to gather intelligence on the gang itself and its power structure. Despite the operation's intention, the gang's approach of putting its community first has seen all efforts be mostly unfruitful. The city at large has condemned the LSSD's actions within the community of Little Seoul and numerous litigation efforts were put forth against the Department and its Operation Safe Streets Bureau's corrupt conduct of profiling and police brutality, as well as its baseless and illegal addition of unaffiliated civilians to gang databases.


Local authorities recognize Decker-Side 23 by its first, decade-old iteration of the original clique, Decker-Side 213, and name it a hybrid criminal syndicate. Penetrating the gang has traditionally been difficult for area law enforcement agencies because it is a tight-knit community that does not welcome unfamiliar faces. The Dubs have come to learn law enforcement's routine tactics to deter law enforcement and have since sought to re-form and absorb various local cliques to spread its reach. As such, Chinos Chasin Paper (CCP), Villains Ca$hin Out (VCO), and Ginger Street Boys (GSB) comprise Decker-Side 23's presence on the streets.


Nowadays, different divisions of labor control various facets of the established criminal enterprise, ranging from arms trafficking, narcotics distribution, international car theft/export rings, and several counterfeit operations. Its presence in the West Side as an organized street gang is one of its many facets, considering the Wah Ching is characterized as “an international criminal cartel” by the United States Department of Justice Criminal Division since 1988.












Decker-Side (DS-23) portrays a fictional Wah Ching set within the community of Little Seoul. Recruitment is fully done In Character, and we are committed to helping prospective members with creating an accurate character if necessary. We are an invite-only faction—contact leadership to show interest in becoming involved.


Aspiring characters should be working-class youth in their teenage years (no older than 16) who reside in or around Little Seoul of Chinese or Vietnamese descent, though we accept other Southeast Asian ethnicities (Filipino, Cambodian, etc.) on a case-by-case basis. An understanding of West LS gang portrayal & long-term character development is promoted. Expecting to be spoonfed will lead to a short tenure.


Reach out to princecane., miguh. and liquicity. for anything concept-related.


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