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  1. Why do that when I could use Big Booty Studios instead?
  2. Username: EliJComment: Fucc Markside.
  3. kjtoth06

    No Crosshair

    I would honestly just add some recoil, there is a plethora of mods that do so, and it could be integrated.
  4. With my homeless character, I think a good way to counter people doing things for you would actually be, wasting your cash. Whether it be buying drugs, alcohol, or even tobacco, it can be interesting. I live in NYC, and personally, sometimes I can see homeless people using money from generous people buying things like cigarettes and even drugs. However, a homeless community under a bridge area would be cool. I know there are quite a few places on the map that can allow for that.
  5. As mentioned by @Pathway, you just need to find the right areas. In Ktown, civilian and criminal activities are intertwined more often than not. This is mainly because the group itself isn’t looking for just money, but rather group roleplay and growing the community. Again, if you want to have a legal char that is untouchable by criminals, then that’s unrealistic and impossible.
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