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  1. Lionhearted

    Grats @Selena on full admin nerd
  2. Lionhearted

    I launched the game after an update and the difference was felt immediately lol, and I'm running an RTX 2070 and an i7 9700k.
  3. Lionhearted

    For anyone wanting to earn EASY money using the collector role: https://jeanropke.github.io/RDR2CollectorsMap/ Updated locations of each collectible on the map and also Madam Nazar's location. Start with the tarot cards until you hit collector lvl 5, then get the shovel and metal detector. Any collectibles with a magnet icon next to them require a metal detector, alike with the shovel icon.
  4. Lionhearted

    Looking at the specs and comparing to your setup, you've got the next model up from the recommended GPU, the RX 480, I think you should be fine. Usually recommended specs result in roughly high quality settings with decent FPS 🙂
  5. Lionhearted

    The K version just means it's unlocked for overclocking, no worry there!
  6. Lionhearted

    Their recommended specs are pretty affordable so I wouldn't worry too much 🙂
  7. Lionhearted

    you watch yourself
  8. Lionhearted

    Sorry that's already @Havana
  9. Lionhearted

    My guy, we're doing 1899 LSFD up in here...
  10. Lionhearted

    15 days 9 hours to go 👀
  11. Lionhearted

    GTA World posse? 👀
  12. Lionhearted

    We played relatively recently and it was very fun! Only issue being every now and then the server would lag in peak player time, but wasn't a huge issue.
  13. Lionhearted

    August 2019's Monthly Bulletin Newsletter is now out! https://lsfd.gta.world/viewtopic.php?f=161&t=4014
  14. Lionhearted

    For me it's Shift + F2 I think.
  15. Lionhearted

    Yeah I'm just a little reluctant to switching over because I have a lot of my own settings set for reshade and ENB to match exactly what I want and what I like with NVR enabled, as NVR focuses mostly on lighting, shading, vehicles and textures. Only reason I hesitate to switch over to Redux for example is because of exactly that - my own settings 😛 I can easily make new settings for Redux but that's also effort... Not always in the mood to sit for hours playing with ENBs and reshades 😄