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Playerunknown's Battlegrounds


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We haven't seen any updates recently, and I'm not talking about actual content update such as weapons and new assets, but rather actual client/server side improvements even though they've previously stated that there are different teams working on different segments of the game, which leaves me wondering. It's also likely that they've pushed a big portion of their staff members to push towards the console (only Xbox) release, the problem with that is it will turn into money grabbing, since they not only get revenue from PC consumers but from dirty console (Xbox) peasants as well. Microsoft will provide their main server park (Azure) to PUBG charge free of charge, in return that the game will actually be an Xbox exclusive title.


The gameplay is still really sluggish because of the netcode/refresh rates on the servers, also the client side performance is below deck. I hope they will actually come to sences and put decent amount of effort into their game and not go mad over money, but only time will tell.

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