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  1. The organization didn’t start from scratch. Many of its leaders had worked with established crime families in New York. But as other syndicates were decimated by criminal convictions, The Corporation moved in, muscling aside its competition through violence and intimidation. We got wind of the crime ring in June 2001, when gang members beat a member of the Astoria gambling scene in Queens, sending a message that The Corporation was now in charge. Two months later, heavily-armed members of the syndicate stormed a rival gambling parlor and shut it down.
  2. Are you posting a guide how to rp your previous character? if so please remove
  3. LSRP - Jay Brooklyn Idlewood black disciples.
  4. Keep up the hard work guys. I'll be back soon.
  5. Can i check it right now? I'm interested to take it for buyout @mafioSSi
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